We Should All Be Doing at-Home Workouts in Granny Panties

Photo: Getty Images/Didier Robcis
Working out at home puts you in outfit limbo. Should I dirty up my favorite tie-dye sports bra even though no one's around to drop a compliment? Should I throw caution to the wind and vinyasa the morning away in your PJs? If anyone would know, it's the founder of workout company the be.come project. Fitness entrepreneur and LGBTQ+ activist Bethany C. Meyers says the ideal outfit is one you might not have considered—your most snuggly pair of granny panties.

"I started working out in my underwear as a way to say, 'f*ck bikini-body ready,'" says Meyers. "This is so personal, and so safe, and so from within." The idea originally came from posting #teamnopants workout videos on Instagram. Pretty soon, Meyers' followers began to emulate the outfit choice and pants became kind of irrelevant.

"I started working out in my underwear as a way to say, 'f*ck bikini-body ready.'"

So much of the cultural narrative surrounding our bodies touts a very specific, non-inclusive form of beauty. We're on our way to changing that, but in the interim, the underwear you sport through a round of house burpees are worn for you (and only you). "I realized that the bikini is this item of clothing that you wear for the public," says Meyers. "You wear it outside of your house, sometimes you feel nervous wearing it. It's like the thing you wear for other people."

Meyers isn't the only public figure who's taken to nixing pants or shorts for their workout. Yoga practitioners like Jessamyn Stanley and Jessica Olie have also opted for showing some skin within the comfort of their own homes. At the end of the day, what you choose to wear during your in-house sweat session is a reclamation of your own body. It's not easy, but maybe one day, we'll all strip down a layer outside as easily as we do in the comfort of our own living room.

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