These Body Scrubs Will Have Your Skin Prepped for Summer

Photo: Stocksy/Jovo Jovanovic
As the scarves come off, the winter coat goes into storage (thank goodness), and the layers peel down to just summer dresses and T-shirts, one thing is undoubtedly clear: You're pale. (At least, I am. Hello, self-tanner!) Or, at the very least, the skin on your body needs to get reacquainted with the feeling of having some sun shining on it.

This is where body scrubs come in—because, though you're definitely ready to bare arms and legs and freshly pedicured toes, your skin's likely still covered in its winter cells. So you'll need the scrubs to slough it all away for a fresh start for shorts season.

With ingredients like sea salt, sugar, and coffee (all scrumptious as well!), these are the MVPs of the body scrub category.

Keep scrolling for body scrubs that'll get your skin ready to shine this summer.

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