I Saw Meghan Markle Wearing Body Shimmer, so Now I’m Buying Body Shimmer

Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

I remember my first foray into body shimmer. It was seventh grade, and I was obsessed with Victoria's Secret Love Spell glitter body lotion. Like, I slathered it over my entire body—and it was subtle neither in looks nor smell. I would also leave a trail of shimmer in my wake, which sounds pretty cool in theory, but in practice is quite messy.

Like all things, I eventually grew out of my body shimmer phase. (Much to the relief of my mother.) But then, Meghan Markle was photographed at the Royal Variety Performance in London wearing a Safiyaa gown and looking particularly glowy around her clavicle. I'm positive Meghan is a naturally radiant person, but this particular instance wasn't the sort of sheen you get from just a really good skincare routine and drinking a lot of water. No, this was a glow that could only be brought about with the help of some sort of cosmetic product.

And, just like that, I'm ready to try body shimmer again. Definitely not to the excessive degree my junior-high self enjoyed, but a light dusting along my collarbone à la Miss Markle? I co-sign this look so hard.

Here are the body shimmers I'm currently adding to my cart.

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