The Body Shop Just Relaunched Its Body Butter, and Dry Skin Truly Doesn’t Stand a Chance

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Were you really a teenager in the '90s and 2000s if you weren't spending all of your allowance on The Body Shop Body Butter? Beloved for its decadent, silky texture and ultra-hydrating formula, The Body Shop announced earlier this month that it was relaunching its hero product. It's the same cream you know and love—but even better.

Body Butter 2.0 is now formulated with 100 percent vegan ingredients, and comes in a recyclable tub (made from recycled plastic PET and aluminum lids). This is all part of The Body Shop's goal to become a more sustainable and earth-conscious brand. In a press release, the brand stated: "Our 2022 ambitions to package products with a minimum of 75 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, alongside our aim to be 100 percent vegan by 2023 were critical drivers for this iconic relaunch."

Not only is the packaging and formulation more eco-friendly, but the lotion itself is even more effective. The new Body Butter offers 96 hours of moisture, and targets specific skin needs by coming in four different textures: creamy (for normal skin types), rich (for sensitive and dry skin types), extra-rich (for very dry skin types), and ultra-rich butter (for ultra dry skin types). If you're already bracing yourself for the number fall and winter weather does on your skin, we suggest grabbing a tub of the ultra-rich Body Butter for deep hydration that protects and nourishes the skin's barrier against the toughest of elements.

hemp body butter
Hemp Heavy-Duty Body Moisture Protector — $22.00

Fight scaly legs and elbows that feel like sandpaper with this ultra rich hemp Body Butter, which feature star ingredients like vitamins A, C, and E (plus fatty acids, Omega 3, 6, and 9) that help soothe and protect skin.


The revamped Body Butters come in your favorite scents, including satsuma, pink grapefruit, mango, avocado, and more—including the ever-loved shea butter.

shea body butter
Shea Body Butter (For Very Dry Skin) — $22.00

The best-selling shea Body Butter is now creamier than ever, and made with 97 percent of ingredients of natural origin—this includes Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana, along with the Community Fair Trade organic babassu oil that comes from Brazil.

Arm yourself with some reformulated Body Butter tubs this fall, and dry weather won't stand a chance.

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