Start Your Day the Ayurvedic Way With This 2-Ingredient Breakfast Recipe

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What you put in your body at the beginning of the day plays a big role in how you feel for the next 24 hours—so you have to make it count. That's why Divya Alter—the Ayurvedic chef and owner of Divya's Kitchen in New York City—loves devouring cooked apples in the morning.

Alter's Cooked Apple Breakfast recipe purportedly cleanses and strengthens the digestive system and boosts immunity—and it only has two simple ingredients.

Pratima Skincare's Instagram account recently posted the Cooked Apple Breakfast recipe from Alter's cookbook, What to Eat For How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen, and the dish purportedly cleanses and strengthens the digestive system and boosts immunity—and it only requires two simple ingredients.

To create the body-boosting breakfast, you need 1/2 cup water, 2 whole cloves, and 1 sweet medium apple—preferably Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Opal, or Pink Lady. Per the post's instructions, if you have fiery digestion (AKA sharp digestion, like heartburn and inflammation), you can sub in a pear for the apple. Or, for earthy digestion (AKA slow digestion, like sluggishness and fatigue) add a one-inch cinnamon stick.

Once you're set with the ingredients, boil the water and cloves in a small saucepan. (Add the cinnamon stick at this time, if you need it.) While the pot is coming to a boil, peel, core, and chop the apple into bite-size pieces—or simply cut the apple into four pieces and remove the core. Then add the apple pieces to the boing water, reduce the heat, cover, and simmer for five minutes or until the apple is soft and translucent but not mushy.

Before enjoying your Ayurvedic breakfast, drain the water and let the apple cool—and don't be surprised when you feel light and energized, with totally on-point digestion (if you know what I'm sayin').

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