The Sneaky Way To Get the Viral Arch Supporting Bombas Socks on Sale Right Now

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Socks are one of those things that you can always use more of, but they’re also something that you never want to spend a lot of money on. We get it, you don’t want to “splurge” on something that isn’t that much fabric and people don’t ever really see. But logically, socks are actually well-worth splurging on because you use them every single day and literally wear them into the ground. And we all know how miserable it is to be out on a hike or stuck outside in an uncomfortable pair of cheap socks—it’s a day-ruiner.

But here's where we come in—because we found a sock sale that's definitely worthy of your time (especially if you're on the hunt for a high-quality sock without forking over too much cash).

Bombas is known as being one of the best-in-class sock brands on the market. Since they're such high-quality, they're also known for being one of the pricier sock brands on the market, ranging anywhere from $13-$38 for a single pair. Thankfully, there's a sneaky way to save your pennies when you buy 'em: Buy them in bulk. The brand continuously offers pack discounts up to 15 percent off on all sorts of socks—men's, women's, kids', ankle socks, “no show” socks, and compression knee-highs—you name it. The more you buy, the more you save, putting more cash in your wallet and more socks in your drawer, a total win-win.

If you just want to start with the essentials, check out a pack of the Solid Ankle Socks, available in white, black, navy, gray, or a multi-pack. Originally $12.50 a pop, you can get all four for just $49, stocking your sock drawer for the long-haul.

Bombas, Solids Ankle Sock 4-Pack — $49.00

Originally $52, now $49

Available sizes: S-L

Colors: White, black, gray, navy, and multi.

Or, totally stash away six new pairs for winter with a 12-pack of cuddly calf socks, which are marked down from $176 to $150. These sizes and styles are going to go fast and quickly, we suggest scooping them up now. And if you can't possibly wear 12 pairs of socks on your own, they make a perfect stocking stuffer or secret snowflake gift.

Bombas, Calf Sock 12-Pack — $150.00

Originally $176, now $150

Available sizes: S-L

Colors: Holiday multi-stripe or pink periwinkle mix

If you’re in the market for compression socks, one of the best deals of the sale is the colorblock compression knee-high socks. Compression socks are excellent for boosting circulation in your legs and relieving calf and ankle pain from swelling. They’re especially great to use post-workout or to wear when flying when elevation levels can cause inflammation.

Bombas, Everyday Compression Socks 6-Pack — $160.00

Originally $169, now $160

Sizes available: S-L

Colors: Black, white, and multi packs

Why Bombas are special (no, really)

Regardless of the style you prefer, they’re all amazing (trust us, we own several pairs and can vouch for their greatness) and marked down. What separates Bombas from other brands is that its honeycomb design on the arches is designed to provide arch support, and they have a blister tab on the ankle to prevent chafing and blistering. Which makes them especially great for the colder months. We often times walk around the house in just socks, but that can be awful for feet. And when we do go outside, we wear boots that rub up against our toes and heels. Bombas socks prevent any kind of discomfortable aftermath, which is one of the reasons they're so genius.

Bottom line? Run, don’t walk to Bombas' website and stock up on great socks ASAP.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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