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Why Putting Bone Broth in Your Smoothies Is About to Be the Next Big Thing

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Loading up your smoothies with the perfect blend of veggies, nut butter, and protein can feel like a very specific art form, especially when finding the perfect protein is so tough (whey protein can make your stomach feel meh, and plant-based powders can leave your creamy concoction tasting gritty).

Turns out, the secret to creating the ultimate satisfying smoothie (protein keeps you full, after all) without the bloat is one unexpected ingredient: bone broth.

The buzzy beverage of choice for wellness it-girls everywhere is coming to a blender near you thanks to Ancient Nutrition's Bone Broth Protein powder—and it's loaded with benefits.

The buzzy beverage of choice for wellness it-girls everywhere is coming to a blender near you.

According to Josh Axe, DNM, CNS, and chief visionary officer of Ancient Nutrition, the benefits of bone broth include supporting healthy immune system function, healthy skin, and healthy joints—to name a few. 

But the new, Paleo-friendly smoothie add-in majorly stands out for being easy on the gut. (Truth: One W+G editor, who is the queen of food intolerances, swears by this protein as the only blend that doesn't hurt her stomach).

Scroll down for 3 reasons bone broth protein is about to take over the smoothie scene.

ancient nutrition bone broth protein

It's a gut-friendly godsend

The aforementioned gut-friendly perks of bone broth aren't just an individualized experience—it's because of the type of protein it contains.

"It’s good for the gut because it has hydrolyzed proteins, or predigested, easy-to-utilize proteins," says Jordan Rubin, co-founder and CEO of Ancient Nutrition. Basically, your body doesn't have to work hard to digest it (unlike plant, meat, or dairy proteins), which means no *ahem* digestive distress for you. 

Even better? It can give your daily probiotic supplement a leg up. "We don’t believe bone broth is providing the gut with probiotics, but it’s causing the internal environment to be ideal for the growth of your own probiotics," says Rubin says. "That’s why we believe it’s great for the gut, because it helps to balance your microbiome."

ancient nutrition bone broth protein

It's a source of collagen

There's a reason so many people you follow on Instagram have been mixing collagen into their coffee—recent studies have shown we aren't getting enough of the good stuff in our modern diets, Dr. Axe says.

"Seventy percent of your skin, hair, nails, and bones are made up of collagen-rich proteins," Dr. Axe says. "So, if you’re not consuming bone broth, you’re probably coming up short on getting collagen in your diet."

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth protein is between 55 and 65 percent collagen, which means the 20 grams of protein you're adding to your smoothie is not only supporting healthy immune system function and healthy joints, it's also contributing to healthier skin (so you'll really be rockin' that post-spin selfie).

ancient nutrition bone broth protein

It's a true supplement

You always say you're going to pencil in time to make your own version of much-lauded wellness bev, but DIY bone broth is a time-consuming endeavor (not to mention a smelly one).

Dr. Axe knows the struggle, which is why he thinks taking it as a supplement is one of the best things you can do for your health.

"It’s the biggest thing missing in our diet that our ancestors consumed," he says. "Bone Broth Protein improves people’s diets because it features collagen and other nutrients, including hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin, and even potassium. Bone broth is very high in nutrients that we don’t get in our diet anymore." Consider your smoothie, boosted.

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