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Protein Powder That Doesn’t Taste Like Chalk Exists—Here’s What Happened When the Well+Good Office Tried It

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Who loves guzzling down a protein shake post-workout, only to cough out a cloud of chalky dust that leaves your mouth as dry as the Sahara Desert? Spoiler alert: absolutely no one.

You don't deserve all that after cranking out a badass HIIT class, and you don't have to settle for sub-par powders just to hit your daily protein goal (whether that's for #gainz or just a snack that won't leave you hungry 45 minutes later).

Terra Origin Collagen-based Powders (which are hitting the beauty aisle in select Target stores this July) check all the boxes of a protein-boosted snack you'll actually want to drink on the basis of flavor, nutrition, texture, and more. The high-protein, dairy-free powders are made with high-quality bone broth—a natural source of collagen with major gut-health benefits—and come in delish flavors like acai berry, chocolate, strawberry banana, and more.

Don't believe one protein powder can really do it all? The Well+Good office put it to the test—a taste test, that is. Using only almond milk and Terra Origin protein (and a blender), our fellow Well+Gooders sipped on each flavor, then voted on their top three favorites. Drumroll, please.

Keep scrolling to see the top 3 flavors of bone broth protein powder the Well+Good office couldn't get enough of.

bone broth protein
Photo: Terra Origin

First place: Chocolate

The Well+Good staff might be obsessed with wellness, but it was clear that we still have a sweet tooth—and the Bone Broth Chocolate Protein did not disappoint. With a whopping 17 grams of protein per serving, it helps banish afternoon munchies—AKA another trip to the office snack cabinet in search of dark chocolate.

Other than "yum," the general consensus of everyone who stopped by our experiment was surprise at the lack of the typical protein-powder aftertaste (you know the one). In its place was a chocolate milkshake vibe that came with the nutritional value of Type 1 and 3 collagen to help support healthy digestion and immune system function. Talk about delicious and nutritious, am I right?

Second place: Matcha

Surprising no one (see: the matcha-inspired artwork adorning the W+G office walls) Matcha Green Tea Collagen & Probiotics Powder was the runner-up in our contest.

"For those who want a little extra protein [...], this formulation offers nine grams of protein with only 40 calories per serving—blended with 10 grams of collagen and 200 million CFU of probiotics for added gut support, cellular repair, and balanced insulin and cholesterol levels," Terra Origin head of marketing and sales Eric Fuller explains.

What he's saying is, this protein powder is the punched-up version of your go-to matcha latte. Did matcha just get better?

bone broth protein
Photo: Terra Origin

Third place: Coffee

Because no workplace is complete without a java-induced buzz (no matter how much we love matcha), Coffee Bone Broth Collagen came in at third place. Sweetened naturally with stevia, this non-GMO powder contains 17 grams of protein per serving from chicken, beef, and turkey—but trust us, there was no trace of chicken flavor in the frothy cups of joe.

We even caught a few Well+Good participants sneaking a second helping (and probably more) after the taste-test, because yes, it's that good.

And get this, you don't have to transform into a kitchen wizard in order to whip up a shake that tastes heavenly. "Our nutritional powders taste great simply mixed with water, but they are also versatile enough to be incorporated into beverage and food recipes in unique and creative ways," Fuller says. So if you want to make it fancy, you have the go ahead.

Honorable Mentions

We couldn't leave out a few more flavors that incited second sips. Vanilla Bone Broth Protein was a strong candidate—we get it, who doesn't love vanilla?—as was Citrus Collagen Skin Boost and Unflavored Collagen + Protein Bone Broth with Turmeric (think: a ready-to-mix golden mylk latte you can sweeten to your preference).

One taster noted the unflavored variety could be easily incorporated into a delicious soup for a sneaky protein boost, which might be our new lunch go-to. Finally, proof that you really can have it all (at least when it comes to protein).

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Top photo: Getty Images/Johner Images

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