You Need a Boot Tray To Protect Your Floors From Snowy, Wet Shoes—These Are the Best Ones

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'Tis the season for plaid stuff, winter boots, and cry-singing "All Too Well (10 Minute Taylor's Version)." And, of course, for making sure you don't slip on a puddle of melted snow, thanks to not having boot trays in your home. Having recently moved from a place where winter was anything below 65 degrees to a city with actual freezing temps, I was woefully unprepared for coping with wet, soggy, muddy, snowy weather. While my cozy boots and fuzzy socks do an excellent job of protecting my  feet from the outdoors, they unfortunately tend to track a lot of said outdoors back into the house, leaving my floors dirty and slippery. Thankfully, there's a simple solution to this cold-weather problem: a boot tray. Set your boots on one of these when you come inside to catch all the snow and water and dirt on them.

Even if you live in a place with perpetually sunny weather, you can still benefit from a boot tray. While scouring Amazon reviews to discover the best boot trays, I learned that boot trays can do so much more than just hold boots. Reviewers use them for all kinds of things, from storing plants to holding their pet's food and water bowls. Basically, everyone needs one of these.

The best boot trays, according to reviewers

SafetyCare Rubber Shoe & Boot Tray — $23.00

You get what you see when it comes to this tray, according to reviewers who describe it as “exactly as described.” A major highlight are the herringbone ridges on the bottom of the tray. “[They] help to separate the water from your shoes without it sitting in water after it rains or snow. It allows it to dry so I can safely put my shoes away after without running my shoe stand and other shoes with water,” raves one reviewer. As a bonus, one reviewer says this also “works for catching lousy draft beer pours from my kegerator.” Get you a boot tray that can do both.

Achla Designs Scrollwork Rubber Boot Tray — $21.00

Reviewers are impressed with the look of this boot tray, saying that the “design is beautiful.” Of course, it’s also functional and made of flexible, anti-slip rubber. “This is the best mat I’ve ever had!” writes one reviewer. “Most look great but begin to crack or they discolor, but the worst is that they scratch my hardwood floor with the in and out of the house and putting things on and off of the mat. This mat is all rubber and will not move on my hardwood at all, it also looks amazing and classy.” Many reviewers like it so much that they’ve purchased more for additional spaces in their homes.


Chairlin 3-Pack Multi-Purpose Boot Mat Tray — $49.00

This sturdy boot tray comes in a pack of three, which is good because you’ll probably want to use them in a variety of ways, according to reviewers. “These are sturdy, functional trays that catch everything you don’t want on your floors, such as pet food and water bowl spills,” writes one reviewer. “They have so many uses! They’d be great in a mud room for dirty shoes/boots, I love them, the possibilities are endless.” Reviewers are also fans of the price, calling these trays “cheap, durable, and generously sized.”


Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Indoor/Outdoor Boot Tray — $35.00

This is technically more of a mat than a tray, because it doesn’t have a rim. However, it’s still up to the task of keeping water off of your floors thanks to the moat-like detailing around the edges. “Year-round my poor hardwood floors get messy continuously, but this helps and it’s not huge and cumbersome like many are! It perfectly suits our needs. And if it gets too dirty, throw it in the wash for like new again!” writes a reviewer. Another selling point: Reviewers have found that it can hold around four pairs of big snow boots, or around five pairs of less bulky shoes.


Stalwart All Weather Boot Tray — $27.00

This tray is made of recycled plastic, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Reviewers have found uses for this tray beyond storing boots. One reviewer writes that it’s “perfect under a portable air conditioner,” another says it’s “great for under the sink storage,” and one reviewer even uses it as a tray to hold puppy pee pads.


JobSite Heavy Duty Boot Tray — $23.00

“This was one of my best purchases of the season!” writes one reviewer. “The two trays look just like the picture…Now I do not have to worry about a wet floor and tracking ‘stuff’ from outside into the house.” Another reviewer says that these are a “simple, durable solution” that have lasted them for years. “Just added a third and gifted several to our adult children,” they add.


Navaris Set of 3 Shoe Drip Trays — $20.00

Though these trays are less expensive than some others on the list, they still hold up to reviewers’ expectations. They’re a favorite among people with small spaces. “I had a hard time finding a boot tray that would fit in my narrow entry hall (if you can call it a hall). These are the perfect size,” writes one reviewer. “I needed small shoe trays for my basement stairway. I wanted to have room to be able to go up and down the stairs and these worked perfectly,” writes another.

Great Working Tools Boot Tray
Great Working Tools Boot Tray — $29.00

Get a boot tray and a spare with this pair of trays that are made out of recycled polypropylene. Having two let you use one for other things as well, with one reviewer who says, “Sturdy and versatile—we used one for my husband’s mud shoes and one for feeding our dogs.” Another reviewer uses them for plants and writes, “These mats serve double duty at my house. In the spring and summer, they house my plants and keep water from spilling onto the floor as I am watering them. In the winter, I can put one or 2 by the front door for visitors to remove and store their wet shoes. They are great.”

Birdrock Home Boot Tray
Birdrock Home Boot Tray — $43.00

For an extra spacious boot tray, this Birdrock option measures 34 inches wide. One reviewer says, “This boot tray is large, super heavy/durable, aesthetically pleasing and high quality. It can accommodate several pairs of shoes, even large men’s boots… I estimate 4-5 pairs?” And another reviewer says that the design is stylish as well as functional, and writes, “Attractive raised scroll work design lets shoes drain/dry, and the entire tray can be easily cleaned with a garden hose.”

WirthCo Boot Tray
WirthCo Boot Tray — $17.00

This multi-use tray has raised ridges so your shoes aren’t sitting in puddles or mud, and it’s made of heavy duty polypropylene. One reviewer says, “It is stiff plastic, not rubbery/flexible, which is a little easier for emptying water, or rinse-cleaning and emptying than a flexible tray would be.” Another reviewer says, “It’s exactly what I needed — 2 pairs of ski boots will fit perfectly on this, but it’s not so large as to take up a lot of floor space.”

Yaktrax boot tray
Yaktrax boot tray — $18.00

This mat has a subtle curved design and a one-inch raised edge to keep dirt and water on the mat instead of spilling on your floor. One reviewer writes, “I needed a boot tray that would fit in a small space near our door and this was the perfect fit! We live in upstate NY and our winters are no joke, this catches everything and is easy to clean. It holds my large pair of winter boots and my husbands size 13 boots as well.” Another reviewer says, “I’ve had this for over a year and it’s held up great. The lip holds water and dirt from filthy boots with mud and snow.”

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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