Brandless Expands With $3 Essentials for Your Fur Babies (and Real Babies)

Photo: Stocksy/Aleksandra Jankovic

Online grocery store Brandless has amassed a cult-following among many of the people obsessed with wellness, particularly those who either can't or don't want to devote their entire paycheck to beauty products, food, and supplements. On Wednesday, the retailer announced that it has expanded with about 400 new items to include baby products and pet supplies.

"Since day one, our Brandless community has asked us to expand our assortment of high-quality, affordable stuff to their babies and pets," CEO and co-founder Tina Sharkey says in a press release. "It's finally here. We started creating these collections on day two, including premium diapers, clean care, organic first foods, and a selection of sustainable and cruelty-free goodness,"

Like the majority of products the company stocks, most of the new products will sell for $3, including baby food pouches (with a wide selection of flavors), wipes, diaper rash cream, teething rings, and dog shampoo.

For the first time, Brandless is introducing items priced at $9. New releases at this price point include diapers, pet multi-vitamins, dog collars, and chew toys. It's still pretty affordable, TBH—especially the diapers, which sell for double the price when name brand.

Companies such as Brandless continue to dispel the notion that wellness is only for people with a certain income, proving that it is indeed possible to sell healthy products without a luxury price tag. And it's not the only one out there making wellness more accessible—we see you, Costco, Walmart, and Trader Joe's.

Here's hoping more retailers catch on.

Speaking of baby food, here's how it's become a lot healthier than the shelf-stabilized products most of us grew up eating. And pet food has had its own evolution, too.

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