Brandless—Maker of Cult-Beloved $3 Products—Is Opening Its First IRL Pop-Up

Photo: Brandless
When Brandless opened up digital shop in 2017, it basically became an instant hit. And considering the company sells everything from healthy snacks to clean beauty essentials and organic cooking staples for $3 a product, that didn't really come as a surprise. Now, building off its online buzz, the one-stop budget-friendly shop is opening up its first brick-and-mortar pop-up on May 1.

The West Hollywood venue will have some of your fave $3 staples to sample, but the main focus will be on daily panels and workshops about "living with meaning."

Los Angeles residents will be graced by Pop-Up with Purpose, Brandless' IRL presence, until May 13, according to a press release. The 3,500-square-foot venue in West Hollywood (8483 Melrose Ave.) will have some of your fave $3 staples to sample, but the main focus will be on daily panels and workshops about "living with meaning," including "Whole-Self, Heart-Self: Music Workshop & Sound Bath" on May 2 and "The Honey Cure: Hack One of Nature's Best Cleansers" on May 13. All events will be live-streamed on Facebook for those of us who don't live in sunny LA.

Brandless also plans to bring a philanthropic element to its pop-up via a partnership with hunger-relief group Feeding America: In addition to collaborating with the organization on a day of programming about the hunger crisis in the United States, Brandless will donate a meal to the organization for every person who visits the pop-up. The company will also donate three meals each time someone tags @brandlesslife or hashtags #brandlesslife on social media, and it will donate 5,000 meals for every speaker who participates in the events and workshops.

“We wanted to fix a broken system and show people that everyone deserves better, and that better doesn’t need to cost more,” Tina Sharkey, Brandless co-founder and CEO, says of the company's guiding principles. “Pop-up with Purpose is an offline extension of our online mission, connecting and highlighting our community by putting a spotlight on them and sharing the ways we make each other kinder, healthier, and more resilient."

Hopefully, next steps for Brandless include creating more pop-up (or permanent!) locations around the country, or else I just might have to plan a last-minute trip to LA. (Hey, it's not like there aren't plenty of other wellness-centric reasons to pay the city a visit!)

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