Why You Should Be Eating Oatmeal First Thing in the Morning, According to Two Dietitians

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Like the holiday movie Home Alone, oatmeal is a classic. Dietitians don't go a day without recommending the warm breakfast to their clients, and it's what many of them prefer to eat first thing, too. When it comes to a breakfast for energy, the one-ingredient dish is basically in a league of its own.

Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD and author of The Better Period Food Solution, says she likes her oatmeal with pumpkin seeds, sliced banana, and a drizzle of almond butter. "This breakfast bowl is the definition of lasting power because it’s overflowing with superstar ingredients," she says. "Oats contain a unique form of soluble fiber known as beta-glucan which helps you stay satiated for hours. Bananas sprinkle the body with energizing vitamin B6, and if you couple that with healthy fats coming from pumpkin seeds and nut butter, you’ll be good to go for hours."

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Malina Malkani, RDN, a dietitian with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, opts for a nearly-identical bowl of oatmeal. Only she skips the pumpkin seeds, and opts for peanut butter over almond. "Combining protein, fiber, and fat helps provide longer-lasting energy and satiety as well as more stable blood sugar and mood levels," she says, "which are extra-important during any form of gatherings when tensions can run high." Retweet.

Of course, if you're not a fan of oatmeal, you can whip up a breakfast that's equally balanced with protein, fiber, and fat. Malkani says sprouted whole grain toast with avocado and plain yogurt fits the bill, or you could try an omelet filled with fibrous veggies and goat cheese. Now, you just have to decide what to do with all that extra energy.

Why you should definitely put peanut butter in your oatmeal:

This low-glycemic breakfasts will keep you from crashing by noon, and if you haven't heard of sheet pan pancakes, your life is about to change. 

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