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This Sleek 3-In-1 Oven, Microwave, and Air Fryer Is Here To Clear Up All Your Kitchen Counter Space

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The Jetsons may have predicted video calling and smartwatches, but even they didn't have the kitchen appliances that exist now that make eating healthy easier. Seriously, whoever invented the air fryer—gifting the word with a more nutritious way to eat French fries and cook perfectly crispy brussels sprouts—deserves some sort of culinary Nobel peace prize.

The only problem with keeping up with the latest and greatest cooking appliances is that it can both get expensive (fast) and take over your counter space (even faster). Appliances are bulky. Invest in a few and your counter can quickly go from being a functional food-prep zone to looking like you just picked through a Sur La Table sample sale. That's why dual appliances are so handy. And you know what's even better than a dual appliance? A three-in-one.

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The Breville Combi Wave Microwave ($450) is a smart—literally—appliance to put at the top of your wish list. It does the job of an oven, microwave, and an air fryer. Bake cookies or chicken, roast veggies, reheat leftovers, make crispy sweet potato fries... it can do it all. At first glance, $450 may seem pretty pricy—and it is. But when you consider that the average oven costs $2,000, an air fryer is around $100, and a mid-range microwave is about $150, the price tag is quickly justified.

This being a Breville appliance, you know the quality is going to be *chef's kiss* too. This isn't a brand that cuts corners. Now cook time? That it cuts. One way it does so is by using a special type of technology (called Fast Combi) that heats the entire inside up ASAP; no waiting around for 15 minutes for it to preheat.

The customer reviews give the Breville Combi Wave Microwave 4.2 stars out of five. "This is the coolest invention... ever! The air fryer feature is so easy to use. Quiet, pleasant tones... I love this microwave," one person raved. Another commenter said they called it a "four-in-one" because it has a grilling feature, too. A common theme throughout the reviews is that it's very easy to use. So if you're the type of person where an instructions booklet makes your eyes glaze over, you can still very likely figure this baby out.

Not for nothing, it's pretty darn sleek looking, too. Considering that the Combi Wave is about to replace everything you have out except your blender, that's important. Fortunately, its beauty isn't just skin deep. This is one appliance you'll love to the core.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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