The New Brooklinen x Pendleton Blanket Is the Definition of Cozy—Just in Time for Autumn

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Fall aficionados know you can never have too many cozy goods. From calming candles that transform your space into a serene sanctuary, to comfy slippers that treat tired feet to support, there's just no such thing as "too much cozy."

Another autumn accessory to add to your list of must-haves? Blankets. They're functional and cute, easy enough to throw on a sofa or chair for an instant home-y lift. If you're in need of a good cozy blanket, you're in luck—the new Brooklinen x Pendleton Paths Blanket ($350) is perfect just in time for fall.

Brooklinen just collab'd with the beloved blanket maker Pendleton to launch its first-ever exclusive item with the brand. If you're ready for chilly, rainy days and hygge aesthetics, this toasty throw is a good place to start.

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  • Kate Elks, Kate Elks is the director of design and product development at Brooklinen.

For those not familiar with Pendleton, let me bring you up to speed. Pendleton Woolen Mills has been making premium wool blankets, throws, and textiles since 1863. The brand is a legend in textile manufacturing, with its fabrics made entirely at its mills in the American Pacific Northwest. Its products are easily recognizable (most are printed with a distinguishable Southwestern pattern) and, more importantly, they last—my partner and I have two Pendleton blankets he's had in the family for over 15 years that are still going strong.

Now, Brooklinen has teamed up with the renowned textile brand to launch its Paths Blanket—a vibrant, colorful change from Brooklinen's primarily neutral line of linens.

"Pendleton has a high quality product and weaving capabilities that are very open-ended to create a unique design," says Kate Elks, Brooklinen's director of design and product development. "...We wanted to create an heirloom quality item with a more Brooklinen take on pattern and color—the colors feel rich and warm for fall but also crisp and bright enough to use through to spring, while the shapes were inspired by cityscapes and traditional shapes used in quilting."

Brooklinen x Pendleton Paths Blanket — $350.00

Made of the coziest wool cotton blend, this vibrant blanket is practically begging to be snuggled up in on cool fall nights.

The blanket itself is gorgeous, featuring Pendleton's signature jacquard weave style and a bold, geometric design. It's crafted in the U.S. using virgin wool and cotton, making it soft and warm enough to cozy up under with a mug and a good book, but durable enough to last years of wear and tear. While the price tag is hefty, it's built to last—Brooklinen's products are all premium, crafted from high-quality, hand-picked fabrics that hold up over time. Combined with Pendleton's design practices, this blanket is sure to last you all the seasons.

If you are looking for something lighter (and a taaad more affordable), however, Brooklinen also just launched a line of equally cozy new styles in its Throw Blanket collection.

There's the new Color Field Wool Throw Blanket ($180), which is stunningly pigmented in deep reds, greens, and oranges that'll add a touch of autumn to any space. Or, there's the Honeycomb Wool Blanket ($224), which features a textured wool pattern that's as stylish as it is snuggly. Both throws are made of 100 percent wool in family-owned German mills, and are timeless accessories that'll keep you warm on even the coldest nights.

Color Field Wool Throw Blanket — $180.00

Bundle up under this playful plaid blanket that’s teeming with all your favorite fall colors.

Honeycomb Wool Throw Blanket — $225.00

This dreamy gray blanket is made of 100 percent wool, guaranteed to keep you roasty toasty without overheating. Available in grey or beige.

We want them all, TBH. Just because it's August doesn't mean you can't get a head start on cozy season. Treat yourself to a blanket (or two) for long-lasting comfort this fall.

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