No One *Doesn’t* Need a Weighted Blanket This Year, and This Ultra Cozy One Is 20% Off

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As a long sufferer of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, this has been a year in which I've welcomed many, many more people into the fold. I'm in no way, shape, or form happy about the uptick in mental health issues among the general population (which has accompanied the pandemic and its attendant trauma) but I am grateful to be able to provide some guidance to loved ones dealing with such issues for the first time.

I have many tricks and tool for coping, but my favorite—especially as an insomniac—is the weighted blanket. And right now, Brooklinen's investment-worthy heavy-duty blankie is a comforting 20 percent off.


Shop now: Brooklinen 15-lb Weighted Comforter, $200 ($249 value)

If you've never tried a weighted blanket, the best way I can explain it is that it's got straight-jacket vibes, but in a good way. And the therapeutic effects are science-backed, too. “Weighted blankets were first used in sensory integration therapy,” says Patrick Seiffert, senior vice president of sleep innovations for Tranquility. “They offer deep touch pressure stimulation, a sensory experience similar to a comforting hug.”

Basically, the effect serves as a subconscious reminder of a simpler time, when you were (hopefully) swaddled by someone who had to shoulder all the worries of the world on your behalf. A weighted blanket might be your best bet for returning back to those tranquil times.

It's a great gift idea, especially for anyone to whom you can't give a human hug. Sometimes I lay awake at night lately thinking about my 87-year-old grandmother—who can't leave the house or see anyone because there's a pandemic—and the anxiety she must be experiencing. That thought then gives me more anxiety. So, I'm planning to snag one of these to send her so that we can both rest a little easier through this year and into next. I may or may not buy myself a second one to layer onto my first, too, because I'm going to need an even more serious swaddle this holiday season. You?

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