Buffy’s New Body Pillow Unwound My Tight Hips and Back in a Single Night

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My hips don't lie, but you know what they do really well? Get painfully sore and tight. For whatever reason, my hip flexors are notorious for locking up, leaving me achy anywhere and everywhere. It's gotten so bad that at night, I have to trade in my preferred side sleeping position for the stereotypical Sleeping Person position: flat on my belly, knee bent at 90 degrees to give hips an extra stretch. Problem is, that kills my lower back, leaving me in the seemingly endless cycle of sore, sensitive bones.

Enter, the Buffy Wiggle Pillow ($138), a noodle-y body pillow that has finally given my tight hips some relief, without having to sacrifice my tender back. New from Buffy (the brand behind the internet-famous Eucalyptus cooling sheets and duvet), this isn't your average body pillow. Its extra-long, pliable shape allows you to mold it however you want, giving you support wherever you need. Aptly named "Wiggle," this bendy, body-loving pillow is a fluffy masterpiece everyone should keep on their beds.

Buffy, Wiggle Pillow + Cover — $138.00

Cover the squiggly insert with snuggly sherpa that comes in cream, pink, and brown.

Cute, sherpa-covered looks aside, this pillow is a game-changer for tight hips. As Nate Watson, MD, co-director of the University of Washington Medicine Sleep Center and SleepScore Labs advisor previously explained to us, body pillows are key for helping people like me—a side sleeper—get some extra TLC in their spine and joints. "Body pillows can help people side sleep in a comfortable manner that supports optimal spinal alignment," he said. "Longer pillows are better, but firmness is a personal preference."

The firmness is what makes this pillow stand out. Because the Wiggle is perfectly pliable, you can adjust the firmness to however you like. Sometimes, when my hips aren't too sticky and I just need an extra lift, I'll lay down next to it and throw a foot over it, or shove it between my knees. But on nights when I can't get comfortable because my hips are screaming? I fold that bad boy right up and give it a big ol' sprawl, making me look like a Daddy Long Legs trying to take a nap. Crazy looks aside, it gives my hips instant relief and, in turn, full body relief, too.

But it's not just for tight hips—the beauty of the Wiggle is it allows you to get creative.

Pregnant and need to give your belly a boost? Lean against the plush sherpa cover for comfort. Need some back support while you're reading in bed? Fold the Wiggle in half and prop it behind you to bolster your back. Is your office chair leaving your butt sore? Sit on it, cheek for cheek! Twist it into a pretzel, flop it over your couch, tie it in a knot—if you can dream it, the Wiggle can (probably) do it.

For those with aches and pains, I recommend giving Buffy's new body pillow a shot. It's heavenly on achy hips, not to mention a really cute, cozy reason to never leave bed again.

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