PSA: Buffy’s Cool-to-the-Touch, Breathable Sheets, Bedding, and Pillows Are All on Sale Now

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Skip the flowers and jewelry—all Mom wants for Mother's Day is to recharge her batteries with a good, restful snooze. According to a 2021 survey commissioned by Mattress Firm, 43 percent of mothers (of a group of 2,000) said the best gift they could receive for the holiday would be eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. That means if you're still on the hunt for a last minute gift (or just want a good night's sleep yourself), this Buffy's Mother's Day sale is a must.

Through Monday, May 9, Buffy is offering 15 percent off site-wide, discounting its entire line of cool-to-the-touch bedding, sheets, and pillows. If you haven't slept in anything Buffy before, now's your chance. The brand is adored for its breezy sleepy-time essentials that really do keep you cool and comfortable while you snooze. Even on the stickiest, swampiest summer nights where you're bound to wrestle with the covers and flip the pillows, these plant-based products won't break a sweat—a gift that truly keeps on giving.

Mom's dreamy night's sleep awaits. Scroll to shop the coolest picks from the Buffy Mother's Day sale, guaranteed to give her eight hours of restorative, relaxing Zzzs.

Sleep like a baby in these breezy bedding essentials—all on sale

Eucalyptus Sheet Set - Queen — $169.00

Originally $199, now $169

Make night sweats a thing of the past with these easy, breezy eucalyptus sheets. Their thermoregulating superpowers come from a Tencel lyocell (made from eucalyptus) that gives them a cool-to-the-touch feel that lasts for hours on end. It’s not only cooler, but drier, too, absorbing moisture to avoid “the stick” more so than traditional cotton.

Breeze Comforter - Queen — $169.00

Originally $199, now $169

The name doesn’t lie—the Breeze Comforter is as light and airy as a summer breeze, designed to keep you comfortable on even the most humid of nights. It’s stuffed with the same cooling material it’s made of, that Tencel lyocell to keep you cool and dry while you snooze. And its unique wave stitching actually keeps the fill in place, smoothed and still while you toss and turn.

Natural Foam Pillow - Standard — $84.00

Originally $99, now $84

This new pillow just launched, and it’s so much cooler than traditional memory foam. Since it’s made with natural latex, it’s automatically more breathable that your run-of-the-mill memory foam pillows. Layer on the 400+ added air vents in each product, and your head and neck are cradled in total comfort. You’ll never go back to memory foam again.

buffy cloud body pillow for side sleepers
Cloud Body Pillow — $58.00

Originally $69, now $58

For the sleepers who want to snuggle without the sweat, this body pillow is for you. The outside features that signature lyocell fabric to keep you cool no matter how hard you spoon. It’s filled with cloud-soft recycled filling that’s cushy yet supportive, so you can twist, cuddle, and lay on it any way you want. Pillow covers are sold separately and are 15 percent off, too.

Sustainable Linen Essentials Set - Queen — $495.00

Originally $585, now $495

Coastal grandma chic is trending, and what better way to embrace your inner beach goddess than with a trendy new linen bedding set? Instead of eucalyptus, Buffy’s linen linens are made from hemp, an eco-friendly resource thats good for you and the planet. It has the same effortless, airy feel as flax, just with a more sustainable carbon footprint since hemp absorbs much more C02.

Cloud Pillow — $47.00

Originally $55, now $47

If you want marshmallow-y, puff-like softness, look no further than the Buffy Cloud Pillow. While we have never successfully slept on a cloud, we imagine it would feel like this: plush, supportive, and perfectly cool. Choose your firmness, lay your head back, and enjoy a dreamy sleep, night after night.

Eucalyptus Duvet Cover - Queen — $127.00

Originally $149, now $127

Does your duvet cover: A) get too hot, B) slip out of place, C) need a refresh, or D) all the above? Then add this one to your cart ASAP. Like its matching sheets, its made from that creamy dreamy lyocell to keep you cool when temps start to climb. And while other duvet covers slip and slide off your duvet, this one comes with four corner ties to *actually* keep it in place. It’s worth every penny.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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