Buffy’s Summer Cleanout Sale Is Here—In Case You’ve Been Dreaming of New Bedding

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If your cheap sheets and decrepit duvet cover are screaming for an upgrade, you're in luck—Buffy is offering 15 percent off bed linens during its summer cleanout sale.

The direct-to-consumer bedding brand is known for all-things cozy, like its buttery sheets, airy comforters, and plush pillows. While heavy duvets and thick sheets can be a nightmare for hot sleepers, Buffy's bed linens are a literal dream, promising better rest night after night. And Well+Good editors can vouch for this bedding: Whether you're getting the Breeze Comforter or the brand's eucalyptus sheets, you simply can't go wrong (one staffer described Buffy's bedding as "life-changing").

The quality and minimalist designs are enough to make you want it all, but the brand's real stand-out selling point is its Earth friendly ethos. All of Buffy's products are made with Mother Earth in mind, designed with sustainably sourced, plant-friendly fibers that are as good for you as they are our planet. No bird feathers, no water-wasting cotton, no plastic packaging—from their sheets down to their shipping boxes, Buffy's about as eco-friendly as you can get.

Now through August 3, you can break up with your hand-me-down sheet collection and snag some bed linens for 15 percent off. If you're on the fence, don't panic—Buffy lets you try the products for a week before you buy, so you'll have some time to decide (though I doubt you'll want to send them back). Just enter the code "TIDYUP" at checkout for some seriously dreamy new bedding on the cheap.

What to snag from Buffy's summer cleanout sale

Buffy Breeze Comforter — $152.00

Hot sleepers, you’ll never sweat through a good night’s sleep again under this comforter. Made entirely of breezy eucalyptus, it’s temperature-regulating to keep you cool all night long. And while other filled comforters might bunch and bag, Buffy’s wavy stitched pattern keeps everything in place.

Soft Hemp Linen Sheet Set — $237.00

You won’t want to climb out of these ridiculously comfy hemp sheets. While flax linen is undoubtedly soft, these sheets are made of 100 percent hemp, giving them a dreamy feel that’s also more eco-friendly. Hemp also means they’re antibacterial (so you won’t feel bad about skipping a wash) and they’re UV resistant, so they’ll never fade.

Soft Hemp Linen Duvet Cover — $195.00

Complete your effortless bedding look with a matching duvet cover. Expect the same natural resilience of the sheets plus the same level of softness, just in duvet form. Best part is, it’s machine washable, so no worrying about ruining the fabric. Just pop it in the wash and hang dry, and feel it get snugglier with each and every wash.

a buffy cloud comforter, eco-friendly bedding
Buffy Cloud Comforter — $109.00

The OG cloud-like comforter that put Buffy on the map is 15 percent off during the sale, and it won’t disappoint. Fun fact: Each Buffy Cloud Comforter recycles approximately 50 plastic water bottles in its blended fill, giving you a reason to sleep well at night. It’s super cozy but lightweight, perfect for snoozing in from season to season.

Eucalyptus Duvet Cover — $109.00

If your bedroom needs a facelift, snag a dreamy duvet cover for just over $100 during the sale. It’s made of the same Earth-friendly eucalyptus as the comforters, so it’s hypoallergenic and free of any weird dyes or chemicals. Plus, it comes in a trendy selection of solid and striped grays, blues, and pinks.

Eucalyptus Sheets — $170.00

Complete your IG-worthy bedscape with Buffy’s eucalyptus sheets. Night sweats are no match for these extra airy linens that will keep you comfortable on even the hottest nights. They’re available in the same color and pattern palette as the duvet, so you can mix and match as you please.

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