The Surf Spray Hairstylists Don’t Go a Day Without Recommending Is On Sale for 20% Off

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Few things rival the wild, just-stepped-off-the-beach look of freshly salted ocean curls. Between the wind, warm air, and marine minerals, beach hair really is the best hair, IMO. And if there's one brand that has successfully bottled that effortless, Blue Crush look, it's Bumble and bumble. Sure, there's a been deluge of kickass surf sprays and saltwater mists to hit the market since—but Surf Spray ($24) is the original.

Today marks 20 years since Bumble and bumble's first-of-its-kind saltwater spray first started making waves (pun totally intended) in beauty circles. Twenty years, and maaany dupes later, Surf Spray is still the top dog at achieving that salty, surfer look on all hair types and textures. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the brand is offering 20 percent off full-size Surf Spray on its website, no code (or beach) necessary. The sale ends today, though, so grab a bottle ASAP!

Bumble and bumble Surf Spray — $24.00

Celebrate 20 years of sea-worthy waves with 20 percent off B&B’s legendary Surf Spray.

The origin story behind Surf Spray is a fun one. Christiaan Van Bremen, the brand's education manager, explains that, like so many of Bumble and bumble's early products, Surf Spray was founded behind-the-scenes on photoshoots and at Fashion Week.

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  • Christiaan Van Bremen, Christiaan Van Bremen is a hair stylist and education manager for Bumble & bumble.

"There was a stylist who wanted to create a beach-y look with the hair and just wasn't able to find any product to create that," Van Bremen explains. "He was like, 'Well, the only thing that I can think of is actually being at the beach. So he went to the beach and bottled up a bunch of water, brought it to the show and put it in spray bottles. The team of stylists sprayed actual seawater in the model's hair and then diffused it with a blow dryer to give it that gently windswept effect. And it was such a success that our development team decided to actually turn it into a product."

That product took the beauty and fashion community by storm, largely thanks to its formulation. While other salt sprays can leave hair crunchy and sticky, Bumble and bumble's version doesn't. It's made of a blend of saltwater, minerals, and marine extracts, like kelp and brown seaweed, that add buildable volume and texture. It doesn't encrust the strands like other mists do—it's lightweight and malleable, giving hair a breezy, purposely tousled look. All of this is packaged in the brand's signature Surf Spray bottle which—fun fact—is modeled after scuba diving accessories. Surf Spray’s bottle is made of black neoprene that's shaped like a scuba tank, with its round body and shiny, metal top.

And now you can achieve a post-dive look day-in-and-day-out for 20 percent off the regular price. As for styling, there's really no wrong way to use this briny mist. Personally, I just spray it into onto my wet head, give it a good shake, and go. But if you want professional tips, Van Bremen recommends using it on hair that's slightly damp or towel dried, which will make it easier to distribute throughout your strands.

"Whether you're using a lot or a little, take the time to really massage the product into the hair with your hands before you start styling it. That works it into the cuticle better," he says. "I recommend taking the hair and and twisting it, not super tight, but in loose twists, and then just hitting it gently with the blow dryer. You can 'jump rope' the hair, giving it a little bit of movement and swing while you're hitting it with the airflow. This encourages the hair to take on more of a bend that's loose and effortless."

Effortless, indeed. Happy anniversary, Surf Spray. Thanks for giving us 20 years of beach day hair, Bumble and bumble. We're looking forward to many, many more.

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