A Derm and an Esthetician Both Love This Moisturizer for Super Dry Skin…and It Only Costs $18

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During the winter months, finding a good moisturizer is about as important as finding the perfect WFH sweatsuit or a TV show you can binge-watch when it's too cold to go outside. And according to both a dermatologist and an esthetician, the only place you need to go to look for it is your local drugstore.

For less than $20, Burt's Bees Truly Glowing Night Cream For Dry Skin ($18) will keep even the driest, most chapped winter skin quenched. It's made with a hydrating triple-threat of humectants, occlusives, and emollients, which work together to give skin all of the moisture it needs.

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  • Caren Campbell, MD, board-certified dermatologist in Northern California
  • Sabrina Bradley, Sabrina Bradley is a licensed esthetician and owner of SKIN By Sabrina, a skin-care studio in Los Angeles.

"When looking for products for the cold winter months it's important to look for humectants, which attract water and retain moisture; occlusives, which create a barrier to prevent transepidermal water loss; and emollients, which smooth the skin by filling in the cracks between the cell walls," says Sabrina Bradley, licensed esthetician and owner of SKIN By Sabrina. Often times, formulas with this moisturizing trifecta tend to be heavy, but the Burt's Bees moisturizer's lightweight gel-cream texture delivers these results without any overwhelming goopiness.

Shop now: Burt's Bees Truly Glowing Night Cream For Dry Skin, $18

Burt's Bees Moisturizer
Photo: Burt's Bees

Shop now: Burt's Bees Truly Glowing Night Cream For Dry Skin, $18

Bradley is a fan of the ingredient list's numerous plant-based derivatives. It's got squalane, which is often referred to as the "big gulp" of moisturizers; glyercin, which derms say is the best "no bells and whistles" moisturizing ingredient that works for everyone; and jojoba oil, which nourishes skin without clogging or occluding your pores. And, it's also got hyaluronic acid, "which is one of the most moisturizing ingredients you can put on your skin as it pulls 1000 times its weight in water, making it a good ingredient to look for in moisturizers for dry skin," says Caren Campbell, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in San Francisco.

While the Burt's Bees moisturizer is a great pick for dry skin, Dr. Campbell notes that you may want to proceed with caution if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, because it could be too heavy duty for your skin type. But for those with the driest skin types, as we head into the driest and darkest time of year, consider this $18 bottle a win.

While we're on the subject of dry skin, here are the five hydrating ingredients a derm wants you to slather on all winter long. 

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