This Lip Balm Hydrates, Plumps, and Adds a Pop of Color to Your Lips With a Single Swipe

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Over the last few months, I’ve become somewhat of a connoisseur in the world of lip balms. My habitually dry skin has forced me to seek out the most hydrating products I can get my hands on. This includes cycling through 10 different lip treatments from Burt's Bees to NARS just to keep my lips from feeling rough and parched. But truth be told, none of them have had a more transformative effect on my lips than the Buxom Power-Full Plump Lip Balm. Unlike most lip balms, this one is a three-in-one type solution. It hydrates, plumps, and adds color to your lips all in one go. And it does this to dang near perfection by using ingredients like pumpkin seed oil and peptides.

What are the ingredients that make Buxom Power-Full Plump Lip Balm so effective?

Pumpkin seed oil works like a humectant that protects against moisture loss and radical damage. It’s rich in fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, and has a ton of vitamin E to keep your lips feeling smooth and nourished. At the same time, peptides also play a big role in the formula. They help stimulate collagen (aka the protein responsible for your skin’s elasticity). This is ultimately what helps give your lips that juicy-like appearance that the balm promises. But what makes the formula a home run, IMO, is that it customizes your shade. By that, I mean the ingredients react with the pH levels of your lips and create a color that is unique to you once you apply it (similar to the ever-popular Clinique Black Honey lipstick). In my case, the shade turned out to be a subtle pinkish hue that was similar to my natural lip color.

buxom lip balm

Not going to lie, I didn’t expect to like this balm because it’s not thick in texture. And as those with dry skin know, the thicker the solution, usually the better the moisturizing effect. But not in this case. I was pleasantly surprised by how well my lips reacted to its slick texture. The first thing I noticed was how instantly hydrating the balm is. All you need to do is apply a thin layer and let the formula do its work. It moisturizes your lips layers deep, and the solution absorbs quickly without losing its hydrating effect.

I didn’t feel the need to reply for another three hours. And for those who want fuller-looking lips, this can also do the trick. Though my lips didn’t radically change in size, I did end up with a more luscious-looking pout. My lips were plump and had a pillowy soft feel to them. Keep in mind, there is a faint tingling sensation (thanks to plumping ingredients like menthone glycerin acetal), but that dissipates within seconds. If you have sensitive skin, I'd recommend using a small amount at first, or testing on a patch of skin first.

All in all? It's hydrating when you need it be, plumps your lips just enough, and offers great natural lip color. And reviewers agree. "I have seriously dry lips and use the exfoliator along with this gem," one shopper explained. "The color is perfect with my skin, a little goes a long way, it doesn’t taste funny, and it’s not sticky or weird. I absolutely love it!"

One reviewer also raved about the ease of wearing the balm. "Just got my Buxom Power-Full lip balm, and I love how it feels upon applying it on my lips. It feels very moisturizing with a hint of plump, like a tingling sensation, but not too can definitely feel it working. I love this lip balm and I will be repurchasing it again in a different color."

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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