6 Drinks That Will Give You an Instant Energy Boost (and Aren’t Coffee)

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When that midday energy slump creeps up, many of us stop what we're doing to head to the nearest coffee shop for an afternoon pick-me-up. And while coffee certainly gives us the quick jolt we need to finish out the day, it can come with less-than-ideal side effects. Be it crashing a few hours later, feeling anxious or jittery, or battling insomnia symptoms when bedtime rolls around, the side effects from caffeinated drinks like coffee are the real deal. No thanks!

Thankfully, there are so many other coffee-free options to choose from when you need an extra burst of energy. Several brands offer drinks that give you a gentle yet effective energy boost *and* encourage overall health and wellness. The best part? No crash, jitters, or insomnia—imagine that! Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorites.

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6 drinks that will give you an energy boost, sans coffee

Liquid I.V., Lemon Ginger Energy Multiplier — $25.00

Key ingredients: matcha, B vitamins, L-theanine

While Liquid I.V. products have supported hydration for years, its Energy Multiplier line is here to offer an additional surge of energy when you need it most. This is thanks to a delicious blend of matcha green tea, B vitamins, and amino acid L-theanine; the antioxidant-rich matcha offers caffeine levels rivaling a cup of coffee (without the crash), while the added B vitamins and L-theanine help you naturally feel more energized and focused.

This product also uses Liquid I.V.’s signature Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) to enhance hydration—a major perk as overdoing it with caffeine can have mild diuretic effects. And just like the OG electrolytes, it comes in the tastiest flavors; if the tangy Lemon Ginger flavor doesn’t suit your fancy, try Mango Tamarind or Yuzu Pineapple instead.


  • Contains added B vitamins and L-theanine
  • Offers an antioxidant boost from matcha green tea
  • Enhances hydration through Liquid I.V.’s Cellular Transport Technology
  • Wide variety of flavors available


  • Contains added sugar
  • Ingredient list is on the longer side
Rebbl, Vanilla Protein — $7.00

Key ingredients: coconut milk, pea protein, maca

Not all energy-promoting drinks need to contain caffeine, and Rebbl’s line of protein drinks is here to prove it. Protein naturally promotes healthy energy levels by providing essential amino acids and slowing digestion. Slowed digestion yields a slower rise (and fall) in blood sugars, helping you to feel more satisfied, awake, and productive for hours to come.

This Rebbl drink also includes functional ingredients like maca root, ashwagandha, and reishi mushroom that naturally encourage energy levels and fight fatigue. Plus, with eight other flavors, the Rebbl protein line is sure to have something you’ll love.


  • Offers 16 g of energy-boosting, caffeine-free protein
  • Contains health-boosting added ingredients
  • Smooth texture without chalkiness
  • Wide variety of flavors


  • A bit sweet
Guayaki, Sparkling Classic Gold Yerba Mate (Pack of 12) — $36.00

Key ingredients: yerba mate, cane sugar

Yerba mate is a traditional herbal tea from South America. But don’t let the “herbal” aspect of this tea deceive you, as it rivals coffee in caffeine content. This energy-boosting plant is also full of phytonutrients that help to reduce inflammation in the body while also warding off free radical molecules that are at the root of many acute and chronic illnesses.

Guayaki also offers four other delicious flavors to fit whatever mood you’re in and is certified organic!


  • Full of health-supporting ingredients
  • 150 mg caffeine per can
  • Wide variety of flavors available


  • Contains higher amounts of added cane sugar (24 g in 12 oz)
Rowdy Mermaid, Strawberry Tonic Kombucha — $4.00

Key ingredients: kombucha, hibiscus, chicory

Kombucha has been trendy (to say the least) for several years now. And while some reach for this fizzy brew for the gut-healthy probiotics it contains, others enjoy its caffeine boost, thanks to the tea it’s made with.

Rowdy Mermaid is one of my favorite kombucha brands as it has a short ingredients list and health-promoting additions. Its Strawberry Tonic has only nine ingredients—many of which are organic—and includes buzzworthy superfoods like hibiscus, dandelion root, and chicory. These ingredients offer a wide array of micronutrients and prebiotic fiber to support overall wellness and digestion.

While this product does contain some added sugar, the 9 grams per can is significantly less than the 30 plus grams of refined sugar found in many coffee drinks.


  • Minimalist ingredients
  • Nutrient-dense added ingredients
  • Crisp, refreshing taste
  • Wide variety of flavors available


  • Contains some added sugar
Rasa, Adaptogenic Coffee Alternative — $29.00

Key ingredients: chaga, reishi, maca

One of my all-time favorite coffee alternative brands is Rasa. This caffeine-free blend contains an impressive lineup of adaptogens and herbs including chicory, burdock, dandelion, maca, ashwagandha, rhodiola, chaga mushroom, and reishi mushroom, to name a few! Not only are these plants full of fiber and micronutrients to support overall health, but combined, they support long-lasting energy.

While this is a standalone flavor, Rasa has many other products to choose from, some of which do contain caffeine like their Dirty and Cacao blends. Every variety I’ve tried has a signature warm, roasty flavor and aroma that makes you feel like you’re sipping on your favorite latte.


  • Caffeine-free energy
  • Contains variety of superfoods
  • No added sugar
  • Earthy, warming flavor


  • Harder to find in stores than other brands
Wild Tonic, Naturally Naked Jun — $4.00

Key ingredients: honey, tea, jun cultures

If you haven’t tried jun, it’s about time! Also known as kombucha’s slightly healthier relative, jun is a probiotic-rich fermented tea drink that is sweetened and fermented with the help of honey as opposed to cane sugar. Honey is loaded with bioactive compounds that help reduce bodily inflammation and support immunity. Plus, the tea found in this fizzy beverage promotes healthy energy levels throughout the day.

And while Wild Tonic offers nine other flavors to choose from, you won’t find a shorter ingredient list than their simple Naturally Naked jun which only contains water, honey, tea, and raw jun cultures.


  • Cane sugar-free
  • Minimalist ingredients
  • Subtly sweet flavor
  • Wide variety of flavors available


  • Higher in sugar content at 16 g per 12 oz (though from honey, a natural, nutrient-added source)

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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