Cake’s Bounce Vibe Serves Up Internal Orgasms in Less Than a Minute

Photo: Courtesy of Cake; Graphic: W+G Creative
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The concept of bouncing isn't entirely unrelated to sex. Body parts and bedsprings alike often bounce during partnered and solo sessions. And with the recent release of its newest pleasure product, sexual wellness company Cake is adding bounce to your sex life in another way. Behold: the Bounce Vibe ($56).

A two-in-one sex toy, this vaginal pleasure product doesn’t just buzz. Thanks to six weighted balls inside its body that wiggle and jiggle with the press of a button, it also pulsates, giving way to a super-unique sensation. After taking the bounce for a whirl, I’m convinced most pleasure-seekers would benefit from doing the same. Below, find my honest review of the Bounce Vibe from Cake.

What's buzzy about the Bounce Vibe from Cake

Encased in six inches of the turquoise, medical-grade silicone, the caterpillar-y looking Bounce Vibe holds six weighted balls that can shift within the toy, which can lead to several unique pleasure-rich sensations.

In vibrator mode, these balls move subtly inside the sheath while it vibrates, doubly-stimulating your internal hot spots, like the G-zone. Meanwhile, in thrust mode, the balls rock forward-and-back, which in action feels like a stroking finger. For the vulva-owners who get off from internal stimulation, as well as those who are interested in exploring G-spot, A-spot, or blended orgasms, this technology renders Bounce a winner.

For the vulva-owners who get off from internal stimulation, as well as those who are interested in exploring G-spot, A-spot, or blended orgasms, Bounce's technology render it a winner.

It bears mentioning that neither thrusting toys nor toys with weighted balls are new to the market. Fun Factory has been making toys that thrust (like Stronic G, $170)) as well as dildos with weighted balls (like Bouncer, $100) since the early aughts. Likewise, b-vibe uses weighted balls inside its Snug Plug ($125) anal plug line.

Cake, however, is trailblazing in the pleasure industry by combining the two technologies into one toy. And despite being the first of its kind, at $56, the Bounce Vibe remains more accessible than its industry competitors that start at $100.

My experience with Bounce Vibe

I’m not usually one to play with internal stimulation while I masturbate. Why? Well, I have a two-minute routine that takes me straight from zero to sleep-inducing orgasm. But, I do enjoy being fingered by a well-manicured partner from time-to-time. So, when I learned the Bounce Vibe might be able to pleasure the same erogenous zones as a hand job might, my interest piqued.

I shut my dog out of my room, stripped to skivvies, popped in my earbuds, and blasted Russ. Once my brain stopped fixating on my grocery list and my body began to pulse with desire, I lathered the Bounce Vibe with water-based lubricant, and brought it between my legs.

At about the girth of two-and-a-half fingers, the Bounce Vibe is thicker than either the phalanges or phalluses that typically pass go and collect $200 from me. So, rather than muscling it inside, I let the toy rest at my vaginal opening. Each time the balls bounced around inside the toy, the toy stimulated the area. Soon enough, I felt my nerve endings deep inside my vaginal canal beg for stimulation.

I obliged, and then I orgasmed. Yes, it happened as quickly as that sentence structure implies. I was pleasantly surprised.

So, is Cake's Bounce Vibe for me?


If you enjoy vaginal penetration, then yes. Meaning, if you enjoy fingering, penetrative sex, or like an internal stimulator during your solo sessions, the Bounce Vibe should become your new nightstand standby. After all, the toy is specifically designed to electrify every nerve ending inside your vagina, and it does so effectively and efficiently.

Potential drawbacks

As far as critical considerations for the tool, while most vaginal vibrators can also be used for clitoral stimulation, the Bounce Vibe isn’t as adept at external stimulation as it is for internal. So, it’s not the best pick for people who prefer climaxing from clitoral stimulation. When I tried it externally, the vibrations the Bounce produces did feel good, but because the toy doesn’t have a handle or a non-vibrating component, my hand that was holding the toy went numb before I was able to have a second orgasm. (Though to be clear, yes, that does mean it awarded me one noteworthy clitoral O.)

In addition to not featuring a handle, it also doesn't have a flared base, which means that it’s not safe for anal play. As such, it’s a suboptimal option for people looking for an anal-stimulation toy, or a two-in-one vaginal-and-anal stimulator. (Cake does offer great anal-play tools, including the Tush Pops ($32) or Buzzy Butt ($42).)

Still, I circle back to the cost. The Bounce Vibe from Cake is a mere quarter of the cost of many luxury vibrators on the market. As such, it's a great option for people who want to sexperiment with new kinds of sensations. As far as sex is concerned, after all, you never really know unless you try.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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