Candace Cameron Bure Makes Strength-Training Moves Look Like Fun “Dance Dance Revolution” Choreography

Photo: Instagram/@candacecbure
If anyone knows how to turn a workout into a dance party, it's Dancing with the Stars vet Candace Cameron Bure. The Fuller House actress—who works out with trainer Kira Stokes—tends to do a little bit of everything to stay fit, whether that's jumping rope or doing box jumps. One super-fun routine in particular, though? A lower body circuit that looks like choreography from the video game Dance Dance Revolution.

In a recent Instagram video, Stokes and Bure—in perfect synchronization!—did a combination of lateral squats, straight leg lateral taps, tap backs, and sumo jump squats to get an epic burn. But despite being tough moves using resistance bands, the duo remained smiling the entire time. Hey, you might as well spike your super-hard workout with a dose of mood-boosting fun, right?

"This type of band work is included in every session I do, whether it’s with Candace, other clients, or in classes," Stokes told Self. "It’s a great way to prep your glutes for a workout and also a great way to finish off your glutes at the end of a workout."

By adding this circuit into the mix, Stokes said you can give your butt, hips, inner thighs, and quads an epic boost. Working your rear helps to stabilize your back during other exercises, and those jump squats are key to sneaking in a little cardio too. Basically, you get a killer muscle burn that feels way too fun to be a workout. Now all that's left to complete the mood-boosting gym sesh? Turning up your favorite tracks so you can get to sweatin'.

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