Laneige and Canopy Partnered Up To Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Make Your Moisturizers Work Better—Just in Time for Winter

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As we enter the cold, dry months of the year, we're all thinking about keeping our skin hydrated (which is important regardless of skin type.) To help you get that moisture and hold it in tight, Canopy, a leading humidifier brand, has partnered with Laneige, a hydration-focused skin-care line. Together, they'll bring your parched skin back to life.

"Water flows from places of higher water content to places of lower water content, which means that when the humidity in the air is balanced and high, that water can actually float into the skin," says Elyse Love, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City who works with Canopy. A humidifier helps control the water in the air and keep both your skin and your environment at a stable hydration point, "Which means that when you're using your moisturizer, you're getting to hold on to all of the moisture in that moisturizer because it's not flowing immediately into the environment," says Dr. Love.

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The Canopy x Laneige Bedtime Besties set ($40) gives you the best of both hydrating worlds, and includes a sample-size Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (which is packed with water and glycerin to provide deep hydration) and three Laneige-inspired aroma oils that turn your humidifier into a diffuser. If you don't yet have a Canopy humidifier ($125 to $150), head over to its site during the next three months and get this Canopy x Laneige set for free with the purchase of your device.

"Between the oils, the mask, and your humidifier, you'll have super happy skin," says Alli Webb, president of Canopy, "Laneige is very well known as the hydration experts, as you know. So it's just such a dream collab for us to be able to keep telling this story of hydration."

Do your regular skin-care routine (including your moisturizer) and top it off with the Water Sleeping Mask and turn on your Canopy. Together, these products will make your moisturizer even more effective.

This collaboration takes three of Laneige's top-sellers—the original Water Sleeping Mask ($29), the lavender Water Sleeping Mask ($25),  and the Lip Sleeping Mask in peppermint ($24)—and turns them into custom Canopy scents. The original water mask is translated into Spa Water, which has notes of rose, cucumber, and lemon.  The peppermint mask is translated into a refreshing Peppermint Twist—perfect for invigorating your senses first thing in the morning.  And the lavender water mask is translated into Lavender Dreams, which happens to be Dr. Love's favorite. All three scents are a bit lighter and more watery than Canopy's typical offerings, to better align with Laneige's approach.

"Laneige believes hydrated skin is the key to healthy-looking skin, and our products are designed first and foremost to deliver intense and lasting hydration for a dewy, radiant glow," says Jordyn Levison, senior marketing manager at Laneige. "We also know that the environment can play a major role in skin condition, which is why it was a no-brainer to partner with a brand that helps optimize the at-home environment for better skincare absorption and better sleep. Together, we came up with the perfect nighttime routine rooted in hydration and relaxation."

Dr. Love runs her humidifier at night to enhance her beauty sleep.

"Because I'm usually in the office and out and about throughout the day, I use it just at night, because that's a time period where I know I'm going to be in the room for long periods of time," says Dr. Love. "It's also a time when our skin is going through cellular repair, so it's even more important to make sure it's hydrated and the skin area is balanced. For people who work from home, I do tell them that it's a great idea if you can control your environment all day, definitely recommend running all day."

If you're ready for a more spa-like bedtime and wake-up routine that will leave you with extra-hydrated skin, the Canopy x Laneige set is waiting for you.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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