Instagram’s Favorite Mini Cookware Set Is Still on Sale for Just a Few More Hours

Photo: Caraway
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Living in New York means I have a box for a kitchen. While the maximalist in me would love a professional-grade kitchen stocked with an assortment of cookware, food gadgets, and baking accessories, I have to be very choosy with what I keep on hand. Aside from my air fryer (a godsend) and a set of sharp knives (that chef's argue are *the* most essential tool you can keep in your kitchen, BTW), Caraway's Mini Fry Pan & Sauce Pan Duo ($180) is my go-to for small-space cooking. Its tiny shape gives big, delicious results each and every time I use it. And lucky for you, it's still 20 percent off for Cyber Monday for just a few more hours.

caraway duo
Caraway, Mini Fry Pan and Saucer — $180.00

Originally $200, now $180

The more you buy, the more you save: Save 10 percent on orders $85+, 15 percent on orders of $425+, and 20 percent on orders $525.

Why I love my Caraway Minis Duo

The Caraway Minis Duo is basically just a smaller version of Caraway's signature fry pan and sauce pot, as if the brand put them in a Shrinky Dinks oven (remember?!) and made them miniature. They're adorable, and will make you squeal with delight the minute you open them. Kitschiness aside, they're a lifesaver for tight living quarters where space is limited.

For starters, they're small and slim enough that they fit anywhere. In my oven? No problem. On the countertops? No biggie. Shoved in between other pots and pans in cramped cabinets? Also works, if that's what you need to do.

They also bring new meaning to the phrase, "small but mighty." Just like the full-size Fry Pan ($95), the mini fry pan is covered in a non-stick ceramic coating that's free of PTFEs, aka polytetrafluoroethylene, a toxic chemical compound that is commonly found in cookware and food storage. Having used Teflon-coated pots and pans for the majority of my life, It's a breath of fresh air to know this set is free of harmful chemicals.

After testing the Minis Duo for a month, I can say that—in this case—good things really do come in small packages. The mini fry pan heats within a matter of minutes thanks to the aluminum core, which disperses heat quickly and evenly to cook veggies, starches, and protein. Even more, my breakfast goodies (I've cooked eggs and french toast on it) slide right off thanks to the ceramic coating, making cooking and cleaning a breeze. Since the pans are slick, you only need to apply a tiny dab of butter or cooking oil.

Then there's the mini sauce pan. Equipped with a tiny lid (how cute), you can easily boil pasta, rice, or whip up your favorite, single-serving of sauce in a matter of minutes. Similar to the pan, the pot heats quickly, and it's big enough to cook a box of fun-shaped noodles, from fusilli to penne to shells. One caveat to note is that because the handles are shorter and are made of stainless steel, they get very, very hot, so always oven mitt before grabbing them.

caraway mini pot
Photo: Kayla Hui

Since having the Caraway Minis in my cooking rotation, I've saved space and sliced minutes off of my cooking time. Both pieces are big enough to cook meals for me and my partner yet small enough to fry up food for myself, making it ideal for solo dwellers, people living with a roommate, or folks living in tiny spaces.

If you don't need the Duo, you can buy each mini pan separately: the Fry Pan retails on its own for $90, while the Mini Sauce Pan retails for $110. But I recommend doubling down and going with the Duo, which is still 10 percent off through November 30. Or, take advantage of Caraway's biggest sale of the year and stock up for greater savings; Save 15 percent on orders of $425+, and 20 percent on orders $525. Time is ticking, so get to shopping!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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