9 Carbon38 Leggings on Sale Right Now for $60 or Less

Photo: Instagram/@nuxactive

Online shoppers tend to be pretty sale-savvy, but with so many bargains happening all the time, it's hard to decipher a good deal from the best deal. I did the leg(gings)work and waded through the virtual racks to bring you the best discounted leggings from Carbon38. (You're welcome.)

While you won't find any Koral or Nike here, the sale is heavy on Nux options (always a good thing), but pickings are slim if you're in the market for a large. Otherwise your options consist of brilliant colors, bold prints, mesh panels—all of which will pair nicely with a chic knotted athletic top—with prices reasonably set at $60 or less.

In leggings this snazzy, it's really just a bonus that the price happens to be right.

Shop Carbon38's 9 best sale leggings below.

For a lewk, try layering your new leggings with some fishnets or styling them like a French woman.

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