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This $30 Mop Kit Is the Reason Why I Don’t Feel Embarrassed About My Floors Anymore (and It Helps Cut Down Waste)

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Confession time: Up until a few months ago, I was using an old Swiffer from my college apartment days. It’s just what I've had on hand to mop the floors with, and I never really bothered to look into something, oh, I don't know, more eco-friendly, less wasteful, and way less expensive. We live and we learn, though! Wanting to make the switch over to something better for the earth and my wallet, I stumbled across the Casabella Infuse spray mop kit for $30 at Target—and I've never looked back.


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Casabella Infuse Hardwood Floor Spray Mop Kit — $30.00

The kit includes the mop, a concentrated floor-cleaning spray, and a mop pad.

I never thought I would have intense feelings about a mop, but you learn interesting things about yourself in your thirties. Once you try the Infuse mop, you'll get it, though. First off, what makes me love it the most is that it's easy to use, and you don't have to walk around with a spritz bottle as you clean. The mop has a built-in spray nozzle, and as you clean the floors, all you have to do is pull the handle and the surface area in front of you gets doused with the Infuse solution.

The solution, by the way, is a floor-cleaner concentrate that's pH-neutral, fresh-scented, and super gentle (so you can use it on real hardwood floors). All you do is click the tube of concentrate into the mop, fill the vessel with water, and bam! you've got enough floor cleaning solution to last you far longer than a traditional spray bottle you'd buy for the same price, if not more. While it definitely depends on your floor, I've tried subbing the concentrate with some Murphy Oil Soap Original Wood Cleaner (I just threw in a capful) and that also worked fantastically.

Lastly, the reusable microfiber mop pad: It’s awesome. It’s sturdy. It’s resilient. And most importantly? It does not budge when you're cleaning, like how other cloths and wipes often do when you're vigorously scrubbing the floor with them. Since you attach the mop pad to the mop with velcro, it doesn't slip and slide (or slide off) even if it gets really soggy and dirty. Plus, I can clean my entire 1,200-square-foot home without having to swap out the mop pad for a new one.

I have two mop pads, so after I'm done using one, I'll throw it in the laundry basket without any stress that I'll be mop pad-less the next time I clean. No special care instructions for these, either—just wash 'em along with your load, and they come out good as new.

And the results? I am honestly in awe of how well this $30 mop cleans my floors. For context: I have two gigantic, messy dogs who like to dig and excavate rocks and what looks like fossilized sticks, and drag their bounty inside the house and onto the floor. My floors are disgusting, and I've legitimately canceled plans to avoid friends and family seeing them in their messy state. (Luckily, my Dyson Outsize takes care of the dog hair—because I have enough to weave a rug on a weekly basis.) After I'm done using the Infuse mop, my floors look brand new. Not embarrassing. The whole house smells like a bouquet of lavender or bowl of lemons (depending on which scent I restocked on, slash my mood).

Is this the best mop of all time? I'm not a mop expert, so I can't say for certain—but I'm guessing probably not. Some customers found that the cleaning solution leaked (luckily, this hasn't happened to me, and I've been testing it for a few months), while others have noted that the trigger gets jammed (this also hasn't happened to me yet). Will you get a longer-lasting product if you buy something like the Bissell PowerFresh steam mop for $165? It's very possible—I'm not gonna lie to you. As the ancient proverb goes, you get what you pay for. But for $30, this mop was the motivation I needed to finally recycle my old Swiffer and adopt a more sustainable cleaning method. It's not a bad first (baby) step—and my floors have never been shinier.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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