This Casetify Ultra Compostable Case Is the Greenest Way To Protect Your Phone

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What do you do with your phone case when you upgrade to the latest model? If the answer is throw it in the trash, you're not doing much to help the environment.  It's inevitable that you'll buy more than a few cases for your phone, so wouldn't it be nice if it didn't end up in a dumpster when you're through with it? Which is why we're introducing the the new line of Ultra Compostable phone cases from Casetify.

Every time I've had to switch out a case, the old one usually ends up in the trash or collecting dust somewhere. With Casetify, everything from the packaging to the case itself is 100 percent compostable, so that when it comes time to ditch your old phone case, you can do so knowing you're doing your part in reducing waste.

Casetify Ultra Compostable Custom Phone Case — $50.00

Made with a combination of bamboo grain and plant fiber, these cases are 100 percent compostable from start to finish. And with a 6.6-feet drop protection, the cases are able to help secure your phone is the most reliable way.

Launched earlier this summer, the cases are made with special plant-based materials while the packaging is also 100 percent eco-friendly as well. Even the ink is non-toxic and made from soy beans. The cases also come in a variety of colors and patterns, including floral prints, Instagram-worthy pictures, and graphic art. To the person who loves to fuss over the perfect phone case like myself, the options are a total dream. And in true Casetify fashion, you can even customize select cases by adding your name and cool lettering detail to show off your personality.

Through this line of cases, the retailer hopes to raise the bar when it comes to eco-friendly picks in phone accessories. “At Casetify, we believe that what you put into the world is just as important as what you take out of it,” says Wesley Ng, CEO and Co-founder at Casetify. “The Ultra Compostable Case offers the very best in earth-friendly materials, while delivering the best way to protect your device and style it to your personal taste.”

At $40 to $55 a pop (depending on your phone model) these cases are definitely made to last. I tried a few out over the course of a few weeks and I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy the material was. They weren't flimsy, nor did they have any visible signs of damage when I dropped my phone (they have a 6.6-feet drop protection, FYI). Additionally, they were surprisingly easily to clean. Although I don't usually think to clean my cases, these were easy to keep in good condition considering the plant-based material. For example, if you left them near the sink or accidentally set them down on a damp surface (which I often do), the water doesn't absorb into the case. Not to mention, I can also easily tack on my PopSocket to help me better grip my phone for selfies.

When comparing them to a few standard Casetify cases, there's not much of a difference between the two in terms of look and functionality. They both can sufficiently protect your phone. However, I did notice that some of the Ultra High Impact cases have a slightly higher drop protection and come with an anti-microbial coating to help eliminate bacteria. At the same time, they only use 50 percent eco-friendly materials compared to the compostable cases. Apart from that, you wouldn't be able to tell which is the greener option at first glance. They're both high quality, sturdy and compatible with wireless charging. Keep in mind, these are slightly thick around the edge, so if you're looking for a thin style case, these may not be for you.

While I have yet to try the compostable aspect, I will say these are some of the most durable cases I've had and some of the best in terms of options. One thing I do appreciate as an avid phone case buyer is the amount of different styles available—Casetify has yet to disappoint. If you want your phone to have that snug, secure fit while also feeling like you're paying it forward to the planet, you can't go wrong with these compostable cases.

If you're interested in snagging one for yourself, they are currently available for both Apple and Samsung users.

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