Casper’s New Cooling Pillow Stops Night Sweats in Their Tracks—Just Ask My Sweaty Boyfriend

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Like most couples I know, my boyfriend and I are drastically different sleepers. He snores like a rhinoceros, and I, like the dainty lady I am, don't make a sound. He sleeps in one position throughout the night where I like to sprawl and starfish my way across the bed. More polarizing, though, are our body temperatures: I am a shivery lil' sleeper who needs to be fully bundled in order to snooze. My partner Zac? He sweats through the sheets nightly. His core body temperature just runs Heat Miser-hot, leaving him in a soupy mess by dawn. Lucky me, right?

So when I got the chance to test Casper's new cooling pillow, the Foam Pillow With Snow Technology ($139), I jumped at the chance. I'd heard great things about the brand's cooling mattress one of my colleagues tested last May—could this frosty pillow stop my boyfriend's night sweats in their tracks? I had to know.

Casper, Foam Pillow With Snow Technology — $139.00

Available in two sizes: Standard ($139) and King ($169).

Testing the new Casper cooling pillow

Our Casper pillow arrived neatly packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag. Like most DTC memory foam pillows on the market, you have to let it "fluff up" and expand for a while before you sleep it on it, which we did for about 12 hours before testing it out.

While we waited, I did some research: What made this pillow so chill in the first place? It looked like any other memory foam pillow, so what gave it that thermoregulating je ne sais quoi? Apparently, that comes from Casper's proprietary "Snow Technology" embedded in each pillow. Unlike standard memory foam, which tends to trap hot air and keep body heat near your face, the brand's "HeatDelete" bands make it cool to the touch and pull body heat away from your face and neck throughout the night. It's also designed with perforated layers of foam that help circulate air rather than trapping it. Combined, this cooling pillow helps to regulate your body temperature. You might still get warm, but you won't necessarily overheat or wake up in the middle of the night sticky and sweaty.

Now, to put it to the test. We threw on a pillow case and went to bed. I asked Zac his initial thoughts before dozing off: "I don't know about the cooling, but it's really firm," he said. He normally sleeps with two pillows for extra support but this was good enough all on its own.

We woke up the next morning after our typical nightly routines—him, snoring and in one position, me sprawled and silent. Only this time, he wasn't as sweaty. "I mean, it's only been one night, but yeah—it's pretty cool," he said. "I tossed and turned a few times but I never had to do the flip... it stayed cool."

It's been about three weeks since we got the pillow and Zac sleeps on it every night. As for the sweats, they've definitely subsided, at least around his face. "I still get warm around my body, but my face feels great," he said. "And I don't need to use two pillows anymore." (Which means more for me...)

Tl;dr: Take a chill pill(ow)

Can confirm: This pillow stops the night sweats in their tracks. Will you still get warm? Yes, you probably will, especially if you sleep with a lot of layers. But if you're a frequent flipper who craves the cool side, it's worth the investment. Those cooling bands really do draw body heat away from your face, keeping you comfortable mid-snooze.

Just know, it is firm. That memory foam is stiff, which is great if you like having more support on your neck and back. But if you like something with a little more give, I'd recommend going with one of Casper's other models, like the plush Down Pillow ($139) or the Original Casper Pillow ($65). Otherwise, this polar pillow will give you the sweetest, non-sweatiest dreams, night after night.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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