Casper’s New ‘Snow Technology’ Mattress Keeps You Cool All Night Long

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Casper quickly established itself as the cool mattress brand after its founding in 2014. Now, the company is taking the cool factor to the next level with the introduction of "snow" mattresses. The introduction of new technology is meant to help hot sleepers drift off to sleep with ease, says Vincent Wang, MS, certified ergonomist and senior human factors engineer at Casper.

"Our research found that temperature is one of the key factors that keep people from getting a good night’s sleep," says Wang. Of roughly 5,000 people surveyed by Casper, 67 percent reported "waking several times a month due to temperature issues."

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  • Vincent Wang, MS, Vincent Wang, MS, is a certified professional ergonomist, and senior human factors engineer at Casper.

Casper's "snow technology" is available as an option in two of its combined foam-coil mattresses, the supportive Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress ($2,095 for a twin and $3,595 for a California king) and the plush Nova Hybrid Snow Mattress ($1,695 for a twin and $2,895 for a California king). The snow tech tacks on an extra $500 to the cost of the mattress, but I've been sleeping on it for two weeks and can say it's beyond worth it.

Sleeping on the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress

All it took was one night to realize this mattress is special. I had switched to my summer quilt far too soon because I was noticeably cooler on this mattress than I was on my previous mattress. That being said, the cooling technology doesn't mean you won't get hot. As the temperature rose outside, I did have a night where I had to kick off the cover. But I wasn't covered in sweat like I usually am when I wake up warm.

Some cooling mattresses require filling a reservoir with water that pumps cool water into your bed for a never-ending cool-to-the-touch feeling. Personally, I don't need all of this. I have a hard enough time remembering to water my plants let alone watering my mattress. The Casper snow technology works its magic by pulling heat away from you.

First, a quick cooling cover with a cooling gel makes the mattress feel cool to the touch when slipping into bed. "The mattress cover is infused with phase change material (PCM) that helps you feel cool when you first get into bed," says Wang. Throughout the night, graphite "HeatDelete Bands" pull heat away from you.

"The main reason why foam mattresses tend to get hot is that foam is a poor heat conductor. When someone sleeps on the mattress, the body heat warms up the foam underneath the body throughout the night," says Wang. "The HeatDelete Bands are graphite bands that highly heat conductive. By inserting them in the foam layer, we create channels/highways through which heat can be conducted away from underneath your body. As a result, the foam you are sleeping on is much cooler in the middle of the night." Finally, perforated breathable foam paired with springs allows for airflow so that generated heat can escape.

Beyond the cooling aspects of this mattress, it's supportive in all the right places, which is great for those who wake up with neck and back pain. I selected the wave because it's billed as Casper's "most-supportive mattress" that's "best for back pain." When I unrolled it and found that it was much cushier than the mattress I was replacing, I was a bit worried. But I learned that a mattress doesn't need to be stiff to be supportive.

"The reality is that the human body is wider in some areas and narrower in others, heavier in some areas and lighter in others, different segments of the body require different amounts of firmness, or support, from the mattress in order to keep our spine in a neutral aligned straight line when sleeping on the side," says Wang. "Shoulders are the widest, so the mattress zone needs to be the softest, allowing them to sink in more. The waist is the narrowest, so the mattress zone needs to be the firmest. The hips are in between the two, medium firmness."

To make the Wave Snow Hybrid Mattress, Casper used "a layer of ultra-soft foam and a layer of lively latex to create the cloud-like feel, two zoned and 3D-shaped foam layers, and strategically placed gel pods to provide the appropriate amount of firmness difference at the appropriate body regions," says Wang.

You can easily feel the different zones when laying on the mattress. I find myself shimmy up or down a bit to find the sweet spot and then waking up without the back pain that's plagued me for weeks.

To keep the mattress clean and dry, and shield yourself from dust mites, you can add on the Casper Breathable Mattress Protector (on sale at $119 to $159). It allows air to move between you and your mattress while repelling water

Within just days of sleeping on this mattress, I'm painfully aware of how awful my previous foam mattress was. It was incredibly hot and unsupportive. The cooling technology paired with the targeted support makes the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress ($1,781 to $3,056) a wonderful investment. Casper gives you 100 days to fall in love with the mattress and will give you a full refund if you choose to return it. But I'm almost certain you're going to want to keep it.

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