This 6-Ingredient Cauliflower Is the Most Delicious Vegan Alternative to Turkey

Photo: Stocksy/Bonnin Studio
Thanksgiving is T-minus two weeks away, which means recipe-planning starts, well, now. It can be tricky to create a menu that caters to all eaters, from Paleo and ketogenic to vegan and vegetarian. But if there's one food pretty much everyone can get behind it's cauliflower. It's about as uncontroversial as wanting world peace. As it happens, you can use it to create a delish, flavorful turkey replacement.

Dana Shultz, the mastermind behind Minimalist Baker, posted a downright genius recipe on her Instagram for a plant-based turkey that only requires six ingredients: cauliflower, avocado oil, curry powder, harissa paste, maple syrup, and sea salt (oh, and water, which you probably have on hand).

While—let's be honest here—cauliflower definitely isn't meat—it's a flavor-packed dish everyone at the table can happily nosh on. And Shultz writes on her site that it's definitely been tested and tried: "This recipe, while it may seem straightforward, threw me for a loop. I roasted seven heads of cauliflower until I got it just right," she says. "But in the end, it was totally worth the effort.

Shultz likes to serve hers up on a bed of quinoa to round it out. And hey, maybe it will be so popular around the table that it won't just be limited to once a year. Head over to her site for the easy, 100 percent vegan recipe.

Here's how to bring wellness home with you this Thanksgiving. And here are more cauliflower recipes to experiment with.

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