7 Healthy Celeb-Approved Moves to Get You Out of Your Planking Rut

Photo: Instagram/@hannahbronfman
It's no secret that planks are a tried-and-true move for a rock-hard core (just ask Jimmy Fallon), but that same old elbows-under-shoulders move can get a little boring.

Which is why, after experiencing some plank fatigue myself, I turned to my number-one source of fitspiration: Instagram. With a bit of social media scouring (read: stalking), I found that brilliant variations of the move are a strong suit of the fit it-girl and celeb set. (If anyone has access to inventive trainers, it's definitely this crew.)

And that's what makes planking so great: You don't need to have a personal guru or a fancy gym membership to strike the pose. In fact, all you really need is yourself—although, as I learned, joining forces with a friend or incorporating props (hello, bosu ball!) is certainly a bonus.

Feeling bored with your routine? Scroll through to see seven celeb-approved moves guaranteed to get you out of that planking rut.

Photo: Instagram/@gisele

The Double Team - Gisele Bündchen

The Brazilian model-turned-wellness guru holds herself to the highest standards when it comes to her diet, so it's no surprise that she follows a strict fitness regimen as well. Her variation of the classic move? Adding in a friend for some alternating high-fives.

Monday planks ??@VictoriasSecretSport @BodybySimone

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The Ball Game - Martha Hunt

This Victoria's Secret model (and lucky member of Taylor Swift's #squad) is a regular at New York City healthy hotspots like Body By Simone and The DogPound. But at the end of the day, she knows no boutique class can replace a good old plank-and-exercise-ball combo. Here, she shows off how tough but effective (we see those shaky abs) the move can be.

Photo: Instagram/@hannahbronfman
Photo: Instagram/@hannahbronfman

The One-Handed Twist - Hannah Bronfman

The social media star, who was recently tapped as an ambassador for Adidas' #girlpower campaign, constantly posts her tough-as-nails morning workouts (not to mention her envy-inducing vacation shots). Combine your morning yoga stretches in side plank position for a refreshing body wake-up—cute pup optional.

Photo: Instagram/@barrefaeli

The Weighted Row - Bar Refaeli

Long gone are the days of top models who boast "lucky genes" as the secret to their success. Instead there are now badass women who show off what they've rightly earned in the gym—hallelujah! This supermodel shares her sweatiest gym moments (like that excruciating pain when you've almost had too much) while incorporating weights into her planking. Think along the lines of a one-armed row for a serious full-body burn.

Photo: Instagram/@karliekloss

The Balance Buster - Karlie Kloss

We already know this unstoppable model can do it all—and stay healthy on her way to world domination. One workout she makes sure to never skip (in addition to her regular jogs and Pilates, boxing, and ballet sessions)? The classic plank—here, increasing the level of difficulty with the addition of the balancing bosu ball and one lifted leg. Try alternating legs, holding each one up for at least 30 seconds.

Photo: Instagram/@adrianalima

The Mega Hold - Adriana Lima

The Brazilian boxing-loving beauty is all about balance on social media: one glammed-up shot, one sweaty workout selfie. While the move above may not look all that different from your traditional plank, it's a good reminder that when in doubt, plank it out. No, seriously: Try holding your usual pose for an extra 15 seconds.

Core stuff today homies

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The Power Ball - Ellie Goulding

For an extra tough workout, the powerhouse singer (oh, and running junkie) combines a medicine ball roll-out under one arm with a one-handed push-up... yes, while she's planking. Ready to try it?!

And a bit more fitness intel from the most famous faces at the gym: Jennifer Aniston swears by a genius workout-detox comboGisele focuses on her breathing, and Jennifer Lawrence gives equal attention to a healthy diet and time with her trainer.

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