People Are Slathering Celery Juice on Their Faces, and There Actually Might Be Some Benefits

Photo: Getty Images/pixelfit
As far as wellness trends go, there are two major ones I've seen proliferating my social media feeds: quickie at-home workouts, and celery juice. You'd be hard pressed to find an influencer not touting both of these things in their health regimens.

But as the green drink du jour has become increasingly common in our kitchens, it's become buzzy all over again—this time, on beauty shelves.

While smoothie shops and grocery stores have incorporated bottled celery juice to stay on top of the health craze, the skin-care industry has been eavesdropping, and concocting formulas that offer equally positive perks for your skin. Apto Skincare founder Marta Cros, for instance, founder Marta Cros says she's taken inspiration from wellness and superfood trends. "I then work with our product developers to see if it makes sense to translate the trends into skin-care products," she tells me, especially since she saw her own energy levels and health improve after drinking celery juice every morning for a month. "We quickly realized celery juice is packed with vitamin K, which helps boost blood flow and circulation, and antioxidants. It also has a very cooling and refreshing effect, which is great particularly for the hotter months of the year."

The latter part I can attest to. After slathering the brand's Celery Day Lotion ($20) all over my skin, I felt a refreshing pop of moisture that seemed like it brought my skin's temperature down by 10 degrees. And though it's true that celery extract is an antioxidant and source of vitamins A, C, K, and folate, board-certified dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, MD, notes that you're better off getting those benefits from other serums on the market.

"Although topical celery would also contain antioxidants and help fight free radical damage, making it a possible anti-aging ingredient, it would not be superior to other on the market, such as retinol," she says. But you can still opt for it for that soothing effect that's especially refreshing this time of year (plus, it's still an antioxidant, so...). Just add it to your serum collection.

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