Transform Your Bathroom Into a Total Wellness Retreat for Under $20

Photo: Stocksy/Lumina

Two vacation days in a row is nothing to scoff at. Any other time of the year, I'd be dreaming up the vacations and road trips that I could mark off my bucket list. But since Thanksgiving calls for a trip back home, I'm instead penciled in for family, friends, and lots and lots of food.

I'll happily take it, of course, but because family time (and family time alone) are on the agenda, there's no way to sneak off to a post-Turkey Day wellness retreat, the likes of a yoga escape in Bali, a spa in Tulum, or a digital detox in upstate New York.

Good news: With a few inexpensive buys, you can totally turn your own bathroom into a spa. All you need, of course, are the salts, soaks, accessories, and tools to spin an average bathtub into a full-on wellness destination. Or at least, to make it feel like one—without forsaking family time or a slew of money. Here, the $20 bathtub buys that will still bring the zen, but will also keep you flushed with the cash from the money you saved on a plane ticket. Mom and Dad will be so proud.

Scroll through and design your own oasis with these picks.

Before you consider your bathtub officially tricked out, check out this new post-workout soak from The Class guru Taryn Toomey or one of these crystal hair combs and consider adding them to bath time, too.

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