How to Turn Your Tiny Bathroom Into a Self-Care Sanctuary

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When you’re living in an apartment, bungalow, or even a charming (read: small) single-family home, chances are, you’re going to have to deal with a tiny bathroom. But, that doesn’t mean it can't still double as a self-care sanctuary.

All it takes is the right storage, thoughtful features, and a little ingenuity. Below are four brilliant tips to turn your small bathroom into an oh-so-soothing space.

1. Good vibes aren't restricted by square footage so up yours with a little ambiance

A small bathtub doesn't automatically mean you miss out on restorative soaking sessions. It does mean you'll have to get creative with the real-estate around it, though. Wellness influencer Alison Wu likes to rest small crystals and candles on the edges of her tub to cultivate an “inviting, calming, and grounding space." Then, she fills her bath with salts, Crosby AMA Water Fragrance, and flowers from her garden.

2. Spotlight self-care essentials and store everything else to eliminate clutter

Open shelving nestled alongside a bathroom door is the perfect place to showcase beloved products and decorative pieces. Plus, it’s an amazing space-saver. “I love to be able to have all my favorite products in easy reach, says interior consultant Hannah Atkins. "When they were stored in the cupboard, I couldn’t find things easily."

Her favorite Ikea hack is using its picture ledges to create #shelfie-worthy storage. By decluttering her space, she has more room for another self-care essential: shower-friendly foliage. “In the bathroom, plants keep the space oxygenated, and the green looks so fresh against the white," she says.

Wondering where to put all the stuff you don't want to look at? Baskets are a cool form of camouflage. “I love the fact that they can store and hide all my towels and toiletries, but at the same time add texture to this room," says interior designer Gloribell Lebron. File this one under: cheap bathroom storage ideas.

How to turn your tiny bathroom into a self-care sanctuary
Photo: Getty Images/Chuck Collier

3. Make sure your decorative objects do more than look pretty

If you don't have the space to store stuff out of sight, finding an attractive way to display them is essential. Sam Cooks, the founder of the interior design blog Dove Cottage, is a fan of a ladder shelf for just this reason. “It’s perfect for storing all my essential items in a pretty and uncluttered way, which I think is important to create a calming atmosphere in a bathroom.” She adds, “I store things like cotton swabs and everyday beauty essentials in glass jars to keep them neat and tidy. I can often feel anxious and on-edge if things are cluttered or messy, so storing them like this is the best way to keep relaxed.”

4. Buy a tray for your tub

A bathtub tray is the HILIT workout of home improvements. It offers a lot of benefits for a little bit of effort. A tray to place over your bath is handy if you don't have space around your tub to display your mood-setting trinkets. And when you're not taking a bath, it's an extra spot for storage.

Get ready to make self-care a priority. And try using these 3 ways Nicole Kidman squeezes self-care into her schedule as inspo for doing so yourself. 

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