This Machine Turns Your Favorite Nuts and Grains Into Alt-Milks at Home

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If you live a dairy-free life, you've very likely become an alternative milk connoisseur at this point. Maybe you have one favorite that you use for everything, from lattes to curry. Or maybe you like to switch it up depending on what you're eating and drinking. Either way, keeping your fridge stocked can get pretty pricey.

If you go through a half-gallon carton of Oatly oat milk (which retails at about $5) per week, you're spending roughly $260 a year. If you like to have a few different vegan milks in the fridge, it's going to set you back even more. But making your own alternative milk is not only cheaper, but your milk will be more nutrient-rich because it will have a higher percentage of the base ingredient, and won't contain any fillers.

That said, making your own alt-milk can be intimidating, especially if you're pressed for time. That's where this ChefWave Milkmade Vegan Milk Maker ($170) comes in. You can use this baby to make almond, soy, cashew, macadamia, coconut, and oat milk, right in your own kitchen.

ChefWave Milkmade Vegan Milk Maker, $170


chefwave milkmade vegan milk maker
Photo: ChefWave

Shop now: ChefWave Milkmade Vegan Milk Maker ($170)

Here's some of what makes this device so great: there's no prep time, it cleans itself (It. Cleans. Itself.), and your homemade vegan milk is ready in just 20 minutes. No pre-soaking your nuts. No hunting down a cheesecloth.

Here's how it works. First, you pour in water and a tablespoon of whatever it is you want to milk (nuts, oats, etc.). Then you press a button on the machine indicating what type of milk you're making. That's it. The milk maker grinds down the core ingredient and uses steam to extract the flavor. When it's done, it fills the glass container with the finished product. (The maker also comes with a pretty milk pitcher for storage.) Once you get comfortable using it, you can even customize special flavors, like chocolate almond milk, or vanilla oat milk.

While this machine is certainly an investment up front, it ultimately can pay for itself—especially given that it requires such a small amount of "milkable" ingredients to do its magic. Compare that to traditional methods of making alt-milks at home—many recipes require a cup or more of nuts, which can get pricey, fast.

Just in case you think this is all sounding too good to be sure, rest assured that it has an almost perfect five star rating on Amazon. People are loving this thing. If you've ever wondered what the future of plant-based eating looked like, this is definitely it.

Here's more about all the different kinds of alt-milk:

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