Looking for an Afternoon Energy Boost? Try This Delicious Chia Seed Pudding

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A chia seed pudding that isn't a mushy mess? Tell me more, please

When I need a boost of energy—which is basically all the time thanks to the 24-hour news cycle/being an adult/the impending demise of our planet—my first instinct is to drink my fourth cup of coffee and scroll through cute dog videos on Instagram. But apparently I've been doing it all wrong, because TIL that chia seeds (yes, really) are also excellent for raising your energy levels. In the latest episode of Well+Good's YouTube series Plant Based, herbalist and holistic health coach Rachelle Robinett breaks down what makes chia seeds such a super, well, superfood.

"It's kind of notorious for energy," Robinett says. "It isn't that [chia is] directly stimulating, it's that it's so nutrient-dense that we get a ton of available energy and calories and nutrients in a very small amount." You can thank chia's high amounts of fiber, protein, and calcium for that. "That efficiency can be helpful for guiding our [weight management], for when you need a quick little snack, something that can energize you but not be an entire meal." Seems like we all should be paying the humble chia seed a bit more respect.

Of course, you're hardly about to pop a handful of chia and call it a snack. Instead, Robinett shares her secret to making a truly delicious chia seed pudding (hint: caramelized pineapple is involved!) that will take your afternoon pick-me-up to the next level. Want to make it? Check out the video above, or watch on our YouTube channel.

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