Eat Food From Joanna Gaines’ Garden at the Just-Opened Magnolia Table Restaurant

Photo: Facebook/Magnolia Market
Whether you're obsessed with breakfast or simply a superfan of Chip and Joanna Gaines, there's now yet another reason to escape to Waco, Texas: The Fixer Upper duo just opened their first restaurant (while expecting their fifth baby!), and it's already getting a ton of buzz.

When you enter Magnolia Table, you can expect to get a taste of the couple's signature design aesthetic and a literal one of their own home garden. Some of the produce used in the dishes is reportedly sourced straight from Joanna's dreamy garden.

According to Eater, Magnolia Table serves morning staples like eggs Benedict, French toast, and (obviously) avocado toast, because, as Joanna says, Chip is a self-proclaimed "breakfast connoisseur." But fear not: There are also all-day menu options, like sandwiches, burgers, soups, and salads.

With this opening coming after the launch of the couple's ridiculously popular Target line, who knows what project this creative pair will tackle next? Here's to hoping it's a wellness studio to help them decompress from taking over the world.

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