6 of the Best Chiropractor-Led Warm-up Exercises on Youtube

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Even though warm-up exercises are just as important as your actual workout, not everyone takes the time to do them. (Guilty as charged.) Where there are many different warm-up techniques, leave it to chiropractors to know the best ways to prepare yourself all the hard work ahead.

There are certain types of warm-ups suited for different workouts based on their intensity levels, but chiropractors are pros at knowing the friendly feel-good movements that help safely prepare your body for just about any activity. Here are some of our favorite chiropractor-led exercises to start with.

The best chiropractor-led warm-up exercises on YouTube

1. Full Potential Chiropractic 6-minute warm-up exercise

Whether you're going on a run or strength-training, this six-minute warm-up will help your body with marching high knees, arm circles, squats, lunges, and planks.

2. Prince Chiropractic warm-up exercises

This chiropractor-approved routine involves holding deep stretches, walking rotational lunges, and single-leg balancing exercises.

3. Universal Chiropractic warm-up exercises

When you do them correctly, crunches make for a great warm-up, and that's the focus in this sequence.

4. Kalkstein Chiropractic top 3 warm-up exercises

These are the three simple exercises chiropractor Blake Kalkstein, DC, has everyone do before working out to help open up the hips and upper back.

5. Cleveland Clinic's quick 4

It doesn't take long to warm up your body before your workout, and these four simple exercises are proof.

6. Ohio State Wexner Medical Center pre-workout movements

Ohio State University's sports medicine team has 15 pre-workout movements that will help you "increase your motion and efficiency of movement." Soon, you'll have them memorized to check off before your workouts.

These are the best yoga stretches for runners:

Try the quick cool down exercises that are just as important as your warm-up. Then go for the muscle-melting stretches that will have your whole body saying "ahhh."

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