Chobani Is Coming for Oatly’s Crown With Its New Oat Milk

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When you think of Chobani, you think of Greek yogurt. It's the top-selling brand in the country. But for the first time, the company is entering the non-dairy space—and with that comes a round of non-yogurt products, including so-creamy-you-won't-believe-it Chobani oat milk.

The company's biggest expansion to date, Chobani Oat includes multiple flavors of non-dairy yogurts, including some blended with crunchy granola crumbles. The real stars of the show, though, are the oat milks in four flavors: plain, plain extra creamy, vanilla, and chocolate. Expected to hit shelves in January at $4 for a 52 ounce carton, the price is hard to beat. There's also a special Barista Blend available that acts like steamed whole milk, allowing you to make frothy, coffee shop-level lattes right at home. In addition to the oat milks and yogurts, Chobani will also release non-dairy creamers in four classic flavors, including caramel, sweet cream, hazelnut, and vanilla. One splash, and you're good to go.

chobani oat milk
Photo: Chobani

"Our vision for better food for more people has always spanned further than the yogurt aisle. Now, we’re ready to take that first step beyond the category where our story began," Niel Sandford, vice president of new product development at Chobani, tells Well+Good. "The demand for plant-based, non-dairy options has significantly grown over recent years, and we see oat as a superior base from both an agriculture and sensory perspective."

I don't know about you, but I'm sold.

These are the nutritional benefits of oat milk:

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