Could Chocolate Be the Key to Combatting Sleep Deprivation?

This study's a cacao lovers dream come true.
There's a reason hotels put a piece of chocolate on your pillow at night.

Okay, yes, technically it's just a nice (and sweet) housekeeping gesture. But a little bit of cacao could possibly help women fight brain fog caused by not getting enough zzz's, according to a new study published in Frontiers in Nutrition. 

"Dark chocolate is a rich source of flavanols."

The mental boost comes from flavanols (the same ones that help improve cardiovascular health), which the researchers say could improve cognitive function, metabolism, and memory over time.

So what's the sweet treat they recommend you reach for? "Dark chocolate is a rich source of flavanols," Valentina Socci and Michele Ferrara, the study's lead researchers, told ScienceDaily. "So, we always eat some. Every day." They don't call it brain food for nothing.

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