This Chocolate Hummus Will Sweeten the Spread at Any Holiday Party—Without Refined Sugar

Photo: Instagram/@flora_and_vino
It's a true holiday miracle when you finally figure out a dish that pleases everyone at your holiday parties. But—dare we hope?—this chocolate hummus just might do the trick. (If you're one of those people who allegedly "doesn't like chocolate," I truly don't want to hear it.)

Lauren Kirchmaier, the plant-based blogger behind Flora & Vino, recently shared a recipe that only requires five ingredients—oil and refined sugar didn't make the list. Kirchmaier blends up chickpeas, raw cacao powder for a dose of chocolate, Medjool dates for natural sweetness, and tahini and almond milk for the creamy texture. In under 15 minutes, it's ready to devour.

"A spoonful of it really kicks those chocolate cravings while providing protein from chickpeas," Kirchmaier writes of the sweet-meets-savory dip. "Enjoy it with fresh fruit, spread it onto crackers or toast, use it in oatmeal or on pancakes, or eat it by the spoonful." To which I say: What is this "or"? I vote for spreading it on toast and using it in oatmeal and eating it by the spoonful...

This chocolate vegan nice cream recipe is a must-try during every season. Or, try out these eight veganized milkshakes that are total dessert game-changers.

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