I Tried the Thickening ‘Wonderwand’ Mascara That Sells Every 2 Minutes—I Couldn’t Stop Getting Compliments on My Betty Boop Lashes

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Is there such a thing as too many mascaras? Probably—and my bathroom counter space agrees. But as someone who has short, thin lashes, I'll take all the help I can get in the eye makeup department. This is what led me to Ciaté London Wonderwand Mascara ($22), my new go-to mascara that truly does it all: lengthen and volumize without the flaking or smudging. It's no wonder a tube of this stuff sells every two minutes globally.

What makes Wonderwand so special? It's really all about the brush shape and the formula. The brush is chunky and hourglass-shaped, which allows for more of the formulation to coat your lashes in one fell swoop—you're getting a wider application, even with hard-to-reach lashes (like in the corners of your eye). It's a puffier brush, but it's still easy to use (sometimes bigger brushes like this can be messy and create smudges all around your under-eye or eyelid, but that's the not the case here).

And the formula is a thickening one, which just means it adds volume to each individual lash. Most mascaras use polymer fibers to add volume, but this equates to flakiness. Wonderwand's thickening agent comes from two types of (vegan) wax—carnauba wax (which comes from trees native to Brazil) and microcrystalline wax (which is derived from petroleum). Plus drying film formers. Tory Wilson, NPD Director at Ciaté London, explains, “Our Wonderwand Mascara is designed for flake-free lashes, allowing you to build up your volume with multiple layers. We achieve this with a formula that uses a blend of hydrating, volume-building waxes, coupled with fast-drying film formers. These lock in the lash shape and volume," which ensures "the long-lasting wear you all know and love.”

The mascara shade itself is a jet black that doesn't hold back on boldness, which is exactly what I need to make my eyes pop.

What happened when I tested Wonderwand

I've been testing Wonderwand for six months, now. I can confirm that it lasts all day long—in sunny late LA summer weather, and in 30-degree holiday temps in New York City. It has lasted through an Orangetheory workout and a Corepower Yoga class with minimal smudging (and I sweat a lot). And it's even held up through some of the saddest Grey's Anatomy episodes (Seasons 8,9, and 12—IYKYK), which is undeniably impressive.

Aside from its notable longevity, this mascara really does give you its all. Like I previously said, I need a lot of assistance when it comes to my lashes, and this stuff gives me fluttery, Betty Boop-esque eyes in a few applications. Want proof? Below is a photo of me wearing two swipes of Wonderwand, but only on my right eye.

ciate london wonderwand
Photo: Author

That's without primer or even a lash curler. Below is the full look (this also includes liquid eyeliner, which is Benefit They're Real! Xtreme Precision liner, and eyeshadow). On this night, I went out for dinner in the rain and came home without a lash out of place. It's the closest I've found to fake lashes—and my friends and family never fail to note how good my eye makeup looks. The friend I went out to dinner with that night even asked if I'd been using lengthening serum (I have not been).

Photo: Author

The mascara has 4.8 stars on the Ciaté London website, which has pages and pages of raving reviews from other shoppers. "I'm in love with this product. In my mind, no other mascara exists anymore except this one," one reviewer says. Another writes, "This is hands down the best mascara ever! Goes on smooth, doesn't clump, and the best part is you can keep layering it for however much length and fullness you desire. I've had people ask me if I have eyelash extensions! (I don't). I am in love!!!"

So, if you're on the hunt for a mascara that'll give you almost cartoonishly good lashes, snag the Wonderwand. Thank me later.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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