ClassPass Personal Training Is the New, Affordable Way To Get Customized Workouts

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Photo: Getty Images/ nattrass
When ClassPass launched in 2013, it gave users a chance to test out all kinds of different workouts without committing to a single modality. In short, it changed boutique fitness forever. Now, seven years and thousands of studios around the world later, the company is shaking up the way people use personal training.

On Wednesday, ClassPass announced that it would be partnering with Find Your Trainer (FYT)—the world's largest personal training service—to allow members to use their ClassPass credits to book digital, one-on-one training sessions with certified personal trainers.

"People are looking for really interactive ways to stay motivated, and we can help our members optimize their at-home setups and get more accountability, says Kinsey Livingston, vice president of partnerships at ClassPass, adding that an option for personal training is a long-time request from the platform's members. "Personal training has always provided so much accountability, and it will really do the same thing from home—forcing you to get off the couch and work with your trainer who really knows you personally."

As soon as a ClassPass member books their session, FYT puts you in touch with a trainer to discuss fitness goals and find out what kind of equipment is available to use. Then, the trainer designs a completely personalized session to take place via Zoom. "It will be just like a typical training session—the trainer will be guiding you and motivating you," says David Hung, FYT co-founder and CEO. Since personal training is so personal, users will have the option to work with the same trainer again and again in order to form a relationship and work on longterm goals.

"When yo do a group virtual livestream class, you don't necessarily have to turn on your video or have someone correcting your form unless you want to," says Livingston. "But with a trainer, they're gong to be able to correct your form and you're obviously going to show your video, so it's going to be that much more personalized." In other words? There's no slacking off.

An hour session is 23 credits, which (depending on which membership level you've got) means you'll be spending $36 to $40 for a fully personalized workout. "ClassPass has always been a terrific way to explore studios and different genres of exercise for affordable prices, and now users can pick and choose what works best for them and what's most motivating," says Livinsgton. "Our goal is to continue allowing for maximum flexibility in the personalization of workouts." And with this latest announcement, they're making good on that promise.

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