Ready To Hop on the Y2K Beauty Bandwagon? Start With These Claw Clips, Which Have Over 10K 5-Stars on Amazon

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Thanks to TikTok, Y2K beauty is back and better than ever. Earlier this summer, the hashtag "Y2K" racked up more than 2 billion views on the app and the trend is still going strong, with creators and beauty influencers sharing all-things early aughts, including oversized barrettes, plucked eyebrows, and frosted tips.

Of all the beauty accessories to make a comeback, though, the one we're most excited about is the giant claw clip. Scroll through Instagram and TikTok and you're sure to see these giant, candy-colored claw clips that look like something straight out of Lizzie McGuire. Now, you can snag a set of four for just $14 on Amazon.

Tocess, 4-Inch Claw Clips (Set of 4) — $14.00

If there’s one Y2K beauty trend to get behind, it’s these claw clips. Snag a pack of these chic pastels, or opt for a set of monochrome in black, pink, beige, or green.

If you haven't run into the Tocess Large Claw Clips ($14) on TikTok already, they're just about as '90s as you can get. Made of hard, plastic acrylic, they're reminiscent of the good old days, when you would twist up your hair in a claw clip, strategically leaving out face-framing tendrils à la Rachel Green in Friends. 

They're simple, they're trendy, but most importantly, they're fully functional. With over 10,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, these convenient claw clips actually stay in place in all hair types. Their matte, slightly rubberized finish and large claws are non-slip, keeping hair in place (except for those face-framing strands, which will stay perfectly placed, too.)

Seriously, they actually work. While other clips (especially shiny ones) fall out of place, these don't budge. That's because inside each clip are tiny teeth that hold onto hair, maintaining their grip regardless of hair texture or style. Sleek, fine hair? No problem—the anti-slip grip stays on even the most slippery strands. Full, thick hair? You're in luck, too. Shoppers say that they're heavy-duty enough to hold lots of hair, without ever digging into your scalp or weighing hair down.

"Can't believe how durable these are. I have thick, long, curly hair and the ones I usually buy in the stores break within a couple of weeks," wrote one customer. "So far I've owned these well over a month, have dropped them numerous times and nothing. Still look brand new, and most importantly hold my hair up. Definitely worth everything penny."

"Finding clips that will hold my long thick hair has always been a struggle but I have finally found the ones," another shopper wrote. "I will be buying more of these, they hold my hair all day at work without having to adjust even once, so worth the buy!"

Butterfly clips and zig-zag headbands are cute, sure, but tougher to pull off. If you want hop on the Y2K bandwagon with something trendy and functional, then get these claw clips. For $14, neither your wallet nor your hair will be left totally buggin'.

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