Is This the Most Convenient Way to Wash Your Face Ever?

Photo: Instagram/@milkmakeup
When it comes to packing, items that come in stick form are a godsend. Deodorant, so you don't have to slather it on manually and worry about the TSA-approved ounces? Check. Multi-use makeup that you can just swipe onto your lips, eyes, and cheeks, saving valuable square footage in your makeup bag? Triple check. Now, if only something as simple existed for your skin-care routine...

Cue record scratch noise—because, hold up, that exists. Meet cleansing sticks, the jet-setting and workout class-loving girl's dream. Solid cleansers that are popping up at your local drugstore are just as easy to use as the bars of yore, only thanks to new science they're even gentler on skin because they tap moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, antioxidants like matcha, and soothers such as cucumber.

Plus, because you actually lather up the cleansing stick on your face it's kind of like giving yourself an face massage each morning—and what's better than that? Well, maybe this: On-the-go, you'll no longer need to scrutinize your product for its fluid ounces (no liquids here, TSA). Simply throw these in your bag and your skin's good to go. Buh-bye, baggage claim lines.

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