This Shampoo and Conditioner Simultaneously Clarifies and Hydrates Strands—And My ‘Combination Hair’ Has Never Looked Better

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As a beauty writer, I take my hair care seriously and have tried dozens of shampoos and conditioners to find the best ones for my finicky, combination hair. While I am known to have a minimum of four different shampoo and conditioner bottles in my shower at any given time, it’s rare that I find formulas that successfully address both greasy roots and ultra-dry ends in one fell swoop, especially after a week of no washing.

Thankfully, Coco & Eve's new Pro Youth Line ensures I get the best of both worlds. The Coco & Eve Pro Youth Shampoo and Conditioner Set ($48) combined with the matching Scalp Mask ($28) have quickly replaced the countless other products in my shower. Read my full review for each product, below. 

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Pro Youth Shampoo

If you’re looking for a hydrating yet clarifying shampoo for dry hair, you’ll find it in the Coco & Eve Pro Youth Shampoo ($28). Made with popular skin-care ingredients like prebiotics and retinol, it's formulated to balance the scalp’s microbiome and control excess sebum production, which is what makes hair greasy. A burst of manuka honey soothes and moisturizes tired strands while giving it a heavenly scent, too.

Coco & Eve, Pro Youth Shampoo — $28.00

Key Ingredients: Retinol, manuka honey, prebiotics

Size: 9.47 ounces



  • Skin-care ingredients, like retinol and prebiotics
  • Gentle clarifying properties
  • Hydrating manuka honey


  • It’s a bit pricey for under 10 oz. of product

This is an excellent shampoo for my combination hair, as my ends are usually dry and my roots and hair shaft tend to feel greasy after a week of no washing. So, while I need something that can get all the gunk out, it can’t be too potent or else it'll strip it and leave my locks even more parched. The Pro Youth Shampoo lathers really well and is easy to apply all over my scalp with just a quarter-sized amount of product. After rinsing, there's an immediate difference in the overall cleanliness of my hair, plus my scalp feels ultra-clean and hydrated.

Pro Youth Conditioner

The Coco & Eve Pro Youth Conditioner ($28) features several of the same nourishing ingredients as its shampoo counterpart, including manuka honey and retinol. However, it swaps prebiotics for probiotics, in addition to the brand's Pro-Vitali-B Blend, a mixture of propolis, royal jelly extract, and coconut oil for further hydration.

Coco & Eve, Pro Youth Conditioner — $28.00

Key ingredients: Manuka honey, propolis, royal jelly extract, retinol, probiotics, coconut oil

Size: 9.47 ounces


  • Skin-care ingredients like retinol and probiotics
  • Hydrating ingredients like manuka honey and coconut oil
  • Creamy consistency
  • Easy to rinse out


  • It’s a bit pricey for under 10 oz. of product

Full disclosure: I ended up testing this conditioner out after the Pro Youth Hair & Scalp Mask, so I started with a pre-conditioning treatment and softer strands than I normally experience. Nonetheless, I was immediately impressed by this formula, which felt thicker and creamier than the mask.

The conditioner’s creamy consistency means that you don't need to use a ton of it; it's really easy to work into my long hair without needing to go back for more. Despite its heavy consistency, it's one of the easier conditioners I have ever rinsed out. It washes away quickly yet still leaves my hair soft and smooth. When I let it air dry, I find my strands less frizzy, more shiny, and way easier to style with my Dyson AirWrap.

Pro Youth Scalp Mask

The Coco & Eve Pro Youth Hair & Scalp Mask ($39) is the third component in the brand’s line of honey-infused formulas. This hair treatment is formulated with the same blend of manuka honey, propolis, and royal jelly extract to provide a nourishing and strengthening effect, plus it features retinol to control sebum production and provide the scalp with a deep clean, probiotics for further nourishment, and coconut oil for that deep conditioning component. With all of these ingredients working together in unison, the Coco & Eve hair mask is designed to add shine, strength, and volume back to strands while also reducing dandruff and grease.

Coco & Eve, Hair & Scalp Mask — $39.00

Key Ingredients: Manuka honey, propolis, royal jelly extract, retinol, probiotics, coconut oil

Size: 7.17 ounces


  • Ultra-hydrating ingredients
  • It’s lightweight enough for oily hair types
  • Creamy, whipped consistency is easy to apply


  • Not might be hydrating enough on its own for severely dry hair
  • Pricey for under 10 oz. of product

As I mentioned, I have ultra-dry ends, so incorporating a mask in my haircare routine is a must. The texture of this mask is one of the most impressive things about it. I love how silky and creamy it feels; it reminds me of a whipped body lotion but for hair. After I wash my hair, I glob some on and work it into my strands from the roots to the ends and let it sit for 10 minutes. Since the texture is so creamy, it's easy to apply (I don't feel like I need to go back for seconds, which isn’t always the case with some conditioners and masks.)

Pro tip: For extra hydration, use the conditioner afterward, too. According to the packaging, you’re supposed to use this mask after the shampoo formula, and then you’re good to go (no need to condition). However, as I mentioned, I like to use the matching conditioner after this mask since my ends are often so dry. While the mask makes my hair feel soft and smooth in the shower—and my roots well-nourished—I can tell it needs something a little extra on the ends.

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All three products have quickly become my favorites for caring for my combination hair. They're not too clarifying that they strip my hair completely, nor are they too hydrating my strands are left looking like an oil slick; Coco & Eve's Pro Youth line is just right, a Goldilocks staple everyone should have in their shower. I recommend stocking up with the whole Honey Bliss Hair Set ($76) for 20 percent off rather than buying each product separately.

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