Why Your Coffee Maker Should Be in the Bedroom

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I struggle with insomnia. It’s not a constant condition, but it is one triggered by times of stress and uncertainty when my brain starts to race with no solutions in sight. Most ironically, perhaps, the first flare-up I’ve had in months fell this week during Sleep Awareness Week, a campaign hosted by the National Sleep Foundation after the Daylight Savings Time begins, reminding Americans about the importance of rest and sleep for our physical health and emotional well-being (and also prompting sleep brands to host some pretty sweet sales). I’m aware of my lack of sleep for sure—and miserable as soon as morning hits.

But a few years ago, I stumbled across a tweet that changed my trajectory entirely. It said that putting a coffee maker by your bedside made you feel like you were in a boutique hotel in coastal Italy. If you feel like you're in a fancy hotel, you're usually more excited to get up in the morning, right? The logic works. It really does, I swear. Desperate for any solution that made me into a morning person again, I tried it, placing my single-serve coffee machine on my nightstand—and I never looked back.

Having my coffee in bed (and uh, using the machine as a snooze button) salvages the joy in my 6 a.m. wake-ups and makes me look forward to my morning, even when I’m suffering from too-few hours of rest. My personal definition of luxury is elevating a daily ritual, something I would do every day anyway, and splurging on a kitchen appliance I reach for again and again has made a significant improvement in my daily happiness and equilibrium. Whether you’re a night owl or just *love* the idea of this five-star hotel feeling everyday, here are five machines I recommend that’ll actually make you look forward to the screech of your alarm (what makes them different is that they're sleep enough to fit on your nightstand).

5 coffee machines that’ll actually make you a morning person

Lavazza Classy Mini Single Serve Espresso Machine — $175.00

Originally $185, now $175

The café I frequented in college used Lavazza coffee, making me instantly affectionate towards the taste. When the pandemic shut it down, I recall buying a huge bag of espresso from the shop in an attempt to keep it in business—and now I’m hooked. So where better to buy a mini espresso machine than the coffee company responsible for my initial love? Nostalgia aside, this Single Cup Classic Mini Espresso Machine is intuitive and easy to use.

It’s a single-serve espresso maker that can hold up to five capsules. You’ve got the option of a single or double espresso—it’s pretty no-frills, so if you love something more frothy, we’d suggest something like the Nespresso VertuoPlus (keep scrolling). But for a shot or double shot that tastes like you walked to the coffee shop, this will do the trick (high-quality taste is thanks to the high-pressure system).

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe — $196.00

Personally, I’m a Nespresso girlie. This coffee maker is my original nightstand machine. I love that I can alternate between espresso and coffee, experiment with different flavors, auto-order for convenience, and (of course) recycle the pods when finished. I find Nespresso coffee to have an irresistible crema and flavor, making barista-quality brews at home—and it even fits in my carry-on when I move. (Yes, taking my coffee maker with me when I travel is totally my red flag, but what can I say? I’m a gal with needs.)

The Bruvi Bundle — $348.00

Originally $398, now $348

Feeling splurge-y? I don’t blame you. If you drink a cuppa every day (or, um, a couple), you might want to invest in a coffee machine that has enough variety to keep you happy. If you can’t get no satisfaction from a single-use machine, opt for an appliance like the 25-percent-off Bruvi, which makes coffee, true high pressure espresso, Americanos, cold brew, iced coffee, infused coffee and even matcha lattes.

Better yet, the Bruvi has mobile app connectivity for remote brewing and scheduling. It even tracks your consumption (although ignorance is sometimes bliss.) With a focus on sustainability, the pods you use in the Bruvi machine break down organically over only a few years without leaving microplastics behind, making them the most eco-friendly of any pod-based coffee machine I’ve found on the market.

Famisworths Single Serve Coffee Machine — $60.00

Originally $73, now $60

If you’d like to keep your kitchen machine where it is, or have a caffeine-hungry household that needs access to a communal coffee maker, you might want to have a for-you-only machine that simply gets the job done without blowing the budget. Caffeine in system right away: check. In that case, opt for this Famiworths machine, ranked No. 1 for Coffee Percolators on Amazon, which is compatible with both pods and ground coffee. This one-cup machine, complete with a self-cleaning function, is narrow enough to live on a packed bedside table without friction, brews from 6 to 14 ounces, and is even compatible with a travel mug for those instantly on the go.

Haden Dorchester Ultra Stone Blue Programmable Drip Coffee Maker — $100.00

Originally $130, now $100

You might be a drip coffee person rather than espresso, or sleep beside a partner who wants in on the luxurious practice. If so, opt for this gorgeous stone blue 10-cup coffee maker. It’s slim and attractive enough to enhance your nightstand aesthetic rather than clutter it up! A delay brew feature ensures that you can use this coffee machine *literally as your alarm* and wake up to the delightful aroma of java, and it stays warm for up to two hours. Simply prep at night and enjoy a steaming mug in the morning. Warning: with multiple cups within arms’ reach, you may not want to get out of bed right away (but you’ll definitely be awake again).

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