Can’t Decide How You Feel Today? Mood Changing Nail Polish Is Coming for Ya

Photo: Stocksy/Lucas Ottone
I'm a Gemini, which means I change my mood—and my mind—as frequently as I change my lip gloss, which is... a lot (on a separate note, I'm super fun to date! Slide into my DMs, for real).  So picking out a nail polish color that I have to commit to for a week or more always feels like a challenge. Real talk: I'm usually sick of whatever I've chosen after hour six.

So imagine my delight when I discovered that the best ever 90s beauty trend (sorry, butterfly clips) was breathing new life into 2019. I'm calling it now: Mood changing nail polish is coming b-a-c-k (why did it ever leave?!) which means there is no longer a reason to settle for a single long-term shade on your nails ever again.

Though your nail polish may not be able to determine exactly whether you're happy/sad/in love (though if it could, it would seriously help me make some decisions regarding my current relationship), it does work in conjunction with temperature changes in your body—the same way those good, old fashioned mood rings used to. "As your temperature rises, the colors of the polish morph into different shades, reflecting the increase or decrease in your hand and nail temperature," explains Christy Rose,fFounder of KBShimmer, whose mood changing polish is currently gracing my own nails. "Contrasting with the cooler or warmer air, longer nails with show multiple colors at the same time, while those with shorter nails will enjoy changes as they hold a chilled glass of wine or soak in the tub." Magical.

So over the course of an afternoon, your nails can go from pink to blue and back again (some polishes even offer three levels of color change, so you could hypothetically go from pink to blue to yellow, or something of the like), all depending on your body temp. And since certain moods actually can effect your body temperature—anger has been shown to make you warmer, for example, hence the expression "get your blood boiling"—the polish can actually can reflect how you're feeling, to some—no pun intended—degree.

So get ready to wear your mood on your fingertips with these six—or should I say, 12+—color changing shades.

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